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  1. Youtubers who got me (and you) into this game

    I guess I saw the Yogscast but I really like LawPlayful's series
  2. Wow! That's some hard work put into those quotes! :)Looks fun but I would think maybe you could make it so he has a bit more positive ability?
  3. The Tropic/Jungle biome!

    Bump? Any way this will actually work?
  4. The Tropic/Jungle biome!

    bump for even more happiness!
  5. Desert Biome

    Wow, i'm honored that you remember my idea
  6. Rock Golem

    Sorry but I don't quite like this, also there has already been a suggestion a bit more original (no offense) called rock or stone crabs as you can see in the picture below.
  7. fire staff!!

    Actually, the fire staff will be in the new update tomorrow!!!
  8. Change Wickerbottom's model

    Frankly, i'd like to see what her character would look like if you'd make us an example drawing i'd be happy ;P
  9. This sounds good, maybe if you donate 5 meat or a grave item you get a bit of reputation back? - - - Updated - - - As in donate I mean give to the pig king.
  10. Spiders population

    Lol his footie helmet has 4% left on the picture
  11. Spiders population

    Lol, I thought I had brought it back to life
  12. Bringing back the oldest thread xD