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  1. me too half the time i play games in offline mode anyway.
  2. as far as i can tell my save file is still there the game just doesn't use it. so enabling cloud would just be an extra aggravation for no result.
  3. i do not want cloud i never wanted cloud i don't see why i should have to put on cloud. so no i'm not "trying this".
  4. i have both closed properly and not closed properly and i get the same result. i have played both connected to the internet and not connected again same result. i have found the save file and it's there. it just isn't accessed by the game!
  5. i tried turning it off still can't save i do not want cloud! so i sure am not turning the blooming thing on!
  6. [Exploit] Grave Digging EXPLOIT

    i have the oppisite problem, i never find anything when i dig graves. do i have to dig multiple times?
  7. this always happens to me. the only time it it goes to backpack is when the hotbar is full
  8. same happens to me, no continue button
  9. i had that happen to me as well the only reason i knew the thing was on fire was cause it set me alight when i got too close.
  10. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Steam Version Number - Issue title can't continue my game, continue button is absent Steps to reproduce start game play game save game quit game close computer or steam when next open don't starve continue button absent Describe your issue version current as of 15dec i can't continue from a save game the option to continue is always absent I start a game I play the game it saves fine as far as i can tell. i quit the game i close down my computer and or steam. when I next open don't starve, I can't continue, the continue button is absent. it has not been present for at least the last several updates that i've been playing. i have the steam version i do not want cloud.