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  1. No, I haven't. Played the game loads but never really went into the forums.
  2. Oh...didn't know that, thanks for telling me that, but it would still be good if they put all the seasons though, maybe in a hardcore difficulty.
  3. Don't Starve at the moment is quite challenging, but, in my opinion lacks a rather obvious feature, Seasons. Or to put it in more detail, seasonal cycles. As a certain amount of in-game days go by, the season changes, each with it's own weather types, survival priorities and animal behaviors. For instance, when the game goes into a winter cycle, many animals will start hibernating and become significantly harder to find, snow will fall (with the chance of a blizzard) and a warmth mechanic comes into play, what this will do is force the character into creating appropriate clothing (Arctic coat, scarf, woolly hat) to keep warm (a beard would be useful too!), the materials for these things could be acquired from killing various animals and getting their fur and leather. In the autumn cycle, the game stays as it is now, only requiring the player to survive as normal. In the spring cycle, the amount of animals found in around the game are bountiful, allowing the player to stock up on food and animal material to survive and create items. There will also be large patches of flowers along with seeds and small trees. The weather will include rainfall. In the summer cycle, trees will grow faster than usual, the sun will blaze along with a chance of thunderstorms and the thirst mechanic will come into play, this will force the player into finding sources of water and requiring the player to create a dependable source of water such as a well. I hope this idea could influence future updates and becomes an integral part of Don't Starve. Thank you for reading.