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  1. I personally enjoy playing the game with this rule set: Goal: Cleanse the land of Spider's To achieve this goal you must explore the whole map and kill all spider dens. Rules - All are optional, but for me help inspire the true spider slaying hero No shovel No Bee Box's No Amulet / Meat Effy No Animal Traps No Farms The idea is - generally don't build things that take maintenance to use. The goal is to clear the island in as few day's possible without dying.
  2. Hello, My idea I would like to suggest is a slow enrage of the game. Every 5-10 day's another slice of daytime turn's into night. Eventually - you would run out of day time. Things that would be more rewarding for the player because of this: Stockpiling Daytime resources ex -poop, seeds, honey Importance of building structures The challenge of various "encounters" ex - Hounds, Angry Tree I understand this might have to be a toggle able mode, and while still in development is better to finish the game core then think about alternate modes. I just think it's worth a think.