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  1. Ah good to see a grave there. You should do him a favor by dig it up.
  2. I had read many complain about spider OP and decided to write this topic. First, if you want to get silk, you don't have to provoke or attack the whole nest. Second, if you want to get spider egg by attack the nest, don't hesitate using pigs (they will respawn in 3 days). Get silk by make a good use of trap: 1. Make at least 3 tooth trap 2. Set it in front of the nest in triangular shape. 3. put any kind of meat between them. With this you can have as many silk as you want. Run out of teeth? Wait until the next pack of hounds come.
  3. ^ Nah, in real life, many bee farmer use smoke to knock out the bee or at least drive them away from beebox so they can safely harvest honey. I think in game we can make a smoke torch from grass, twig, and web (since there are no item wet enough in game)
  4. After the Naughty and Nice update, it seem like I have the bug the bee don't ever come out of beehive after the first day in my new world. But now, I found a way to do it. All you need is a torch, use it to burn the hive and you will see 6 normal bee come out of it, then quickly attack the hive before the fire swallow it to get honeycomb. Btw, after doing it, I have an idea development should add a tool to smoke the bee out when I harvest honey.