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  1. Actually I did announce the winner. If you WATCHED the video it says READ THE DESCRIPTION. Nice try being clever, but you failed.
  2. I have 1 copy of the game, gave the code from that to someone else, then I have the 2 codes in my inventory. I want to access those 2 codes so I can give them to 2 different people in a giveaway because I don't trust them to give each other the other copy.
  3. Also, it says this when I click on the gift.
  4. I have contacted them, but no reply yet, still waiting. - - - Updated - - - So if I redeem it, I'll get the 2 keys which I then have to send out? I already have the game on my account and I bought a gift copy to get 2 keys to giveaway. I just need a way to get those 2 keys without having to give them to someone else.
  5. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Exploit] Platform Steam Version Number - Issue title (Gift purchasing) Wasn't sure where to put this! Steps to reproduce Buy the game as a gift. Describe your issue When I bought the game as a gift, I didn't receive a second gift code. Is this right?