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  1. While clearing a grove I had planted, two tree-guards spawned at the same time. This was the first time I had ever seen one.
  2. Everything is represented using 3D math though, the only "interaction" would be converting your click to a 3D point. Mass is irrelevant, objects are represented by polygons with a texture applied over them. That's good advice. However, I think the cause of the problem is with floating point precision. To be precise, when the day is over it saves the game and objects are given a position with less resolution than what is stored in memory. Example, suppose the X is at 10.006, while another object is X at 10.004, the first would be 10.01 while the second would be 10.00 (.01 unit difference).
  3. I know the devs are going to change the resource and xp points systems. I've seen several suggestions already but all of them were complicated. E.g. "banking" your XP by using a tent. I enjoy persistent unlockables, such as Terraria's character system. I was thinking of a "days survived" system where each day you survive, you get a single XP point to spend on unlockables. For example, Willow would cost ~50 points. Meaning you could afford her if you played two ~25 day games. You could even give features to characters that could only be unlocked by spending days on them. Such as Willow's fire-starting ability.
  4. I would prefer a wide range of characters you can unlock. Though, it would be nice if you could also unlock "quirks" for each character.
  5. Would be nice is the lava biome gave heat in the winter. I thought of this when I heard about seasons. I think the lava biome should have little resources (for basic survival), meaning you could stay there in the winter, but still leave to get resources in the cold.
  6. I think I'm going to avoid debating with those who don't even know the game. FYI, most of Don't Starve is written in Lua, and compiled to bytecode. Here's a suggestion, un-compile Don't Starve's Lua bytecode. Build a network module for Lua. Write it yourself.
  7. My first thoughts on the subject: The devs don't want grinding Time is metered by the day-night cycle. Near the beginning, I don't have enough time to collect grass, poop, twigs, or trees. (Although, I usually end up with 2-3 stacks of each when I die) Anything complicated or conditional would harm the experience. In-game time is worthless (you have unlimited) Real-life time is priceless (you don't want to frustrate the player) Now, I think it would be an excellent end-game element to have super cool structures you could build, but required a large amount of resources. You could then iterate the build sequence. For example, a log cabin (terrible example) would require 200 stacks of wood--that is 10 stacks. You could build the "foundation" with a single stack (20) but keep improving upon it until you met the requirements. This would allow end-game structures that required a large amount of resources to build. I think this would suit the game much better. Thus, having 2-3 big projects going on would be inefficient for the sake of time management. (Do I collect logs, grass, or poop today? is a question I often ask myself) In-game time is worthless. So worthless in fact, that the straw roll reduces hunger as an additional penalty. Also, people could take advantage of "instant time-lost." Effectively defeating the purpose.
  8. Researching rope is easy as well. The developers have stated the research system is broken and they are working on changing it. This is not the case.
  9. I like the idea of characters commenting on situations (they do it quite often anyway). I often miss my character saying "I'm so hungry" I think this needs a closer look from the devs to implement in a way that benefits everyone.
  10. Seems like the game checking on the next spade action prior to the stump being removed from memory. Then when your character moves to dig the stump, it has no valid target.
  11. They are not keys. If your intention was to acquire 2 seperate copies not for yourself, you need to contact steam. If your intention was to acquire a copy of the game for yourself and one for a friend. You need to redeem the gift, which will also redeem a single "Don't Starve" gift into your gifts inventory.
  12. I don't think more trap types is a good idea. Hounds teeth sounds like a firecracker mousetrap. (Thus complicating the moral concept) Agreed, although if the Krampus were more observant of "good" deeds I would let this slide.
  13. Dying by accidentally clicking on a beefalo taught me a very important lesson: Use spacebar to pick up manure. I can only see this being a problem with touch input.
  14. I can reproduce this exactly as described. However the stuttering gets worse the more graves there are. Also, in one dense grave formation I have, you cannot see anything.
  15. Valve games do the same thing. Starting in fullscreen mode to begin with should avoid this problem.
  16. My friend and I can duplicate the water issue. When changing perspective the water will appear.
  17. At the very bottom, click the dropdown menu and change the language to "German". Start->Ausfuhren (? english: Run)->dxdiag Save specifications Attach to dxdiag.txt to post: Manage attachements window: Below I've attached my dxdiag as an example. DxDiag.txt
  18. I'm at ~10 days and I cannot reproduce this. Is your game up to date? Have you created a new world?
  19. In my first game I recall seeing a trap in an un-explored area on the map. I had not placed it. I just assumed it was a glitch due to me using an excessive amount of traps (I didn't know you could catch bunnies at the time).
  20. As I've only made it ~30 days, I can't imagine. In my experience, the hounds preoccupation with monster meat has made them easy targets from the beginning. Hounds are actually quite a good gameplay element. Yet, although they have similarities with the Krampus, the Krampus's double standard is frustrating. That's why I proposed the list. It balances the game from a double standard and the associated frustration. That is a moral subject. The easy response to that is simple, I'm not forced to play their game. (Technically I'm not forced to attend instituted school either) Klei still has to sell their game, and I'm sure that such overwhelming negative feedback from the Naughty and Nice update has made the developers at least take another look at the Krampus. That is the point of a alpha beta cycle. As for me, when you drop "live" bunnies, they are sleeping (day or night), giving you plenty of time to kill them yourself. I have not found a use for live bunnies. I don't see the need for a new trap type. From reading many comments on the Krampus, I've come to realize that a change in my gameplay is needed. I think the largest fears affecting players--including myself--is the requisite changing of our playstyle, as well as a fear of the game changing (such as Krampus's stealing backpacks). - The epitome of a pre-released game.
  21. Excess, I did not see that the shovel took durability damage. And it looks like my post title has been updated to reflect the changes!
  22. Thanks, this implies a conditional, "If this, then that" which can make games confusing for players. I would agree with an increase in threshold or a lowering of Jackalope "naughty points" though.
  23. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Steam Version Number - Issue title Items dont stack into backpack when hotbar is open Steps to reproduce 1) Open a slot in your hotbar. 1) Place an item in your backpack. (e.g. Manure) 2) Pickup the same item. Describe your issue When you have an open slot in your hotbar, and you pickup an item, it will be stacked in the open slot over a pre-existing item in your backpack. When your hotbar is full, the item will stack onto a pre-existing item as expected. (Because I store food in my backpack, it makes cooking food a clicking nightmare).