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  1. I Know this... But then i do this the screen just goes Black :///
  2. [H] Don't Starve Steam Gift. [W] Steam Games.

    Trade Completed For Saints Row The Third...
  3. So... Trading "Don't Starve' Steam Gift For Other Steam Game/Games... I Want "Ace Of Spades" But You Can Offer Other Games! Also I Can Add 3 "Dota 2" Gift's For More Games! My Steam Inventory : And Sorry For My Bad English If It's BAD!!!
  4. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Steam Version Number - Issue title Can't Select Full Screen Or Resolution. Steps to reproduce When bought this game at first time playing... Describe your issue Hello, guys... I need help... Yesterday i bought "Don't Starve" from Steam, everything good... But then i go to Settings button i can't select Full Screen Or Resolution Can Someone help me? (And sorry for my bad english if it's bad). Here's the picture of Problem :
  5. So, i bought "Don't Starve" game and got Gift, so decided to trade it... I'd like for "Don't Starve" Steam Gift, "Ace Of Spades" And "Counter-Strike : Global Offensive"! Also i can add 3 "Dota 2" Gifts if you want ! Not interest of "Metro 2033", "THQ Humble Bundle" Or TF2 Items... My Steam Inventory : And sorry for my bad english if it's bad!