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  1. I guess there's not much to write here? What is your preferred method to play Don't Starve? It's no secret that the game can be played almost entirely with a mouse, but are there people that have found unique and enjoyable ways to play with a keyboard or controller? Personally I play with an Xbox 360 controller, remapping buttons with Xpadder. What do you use to play?
  2. I take it that "Beefalo" is the large pig that doesn't accept berries around the Pigmen? I didn't try attacking him or any of them, I figured that they'd all turn on me and try to kill me. I also encountered my first "Tallboy", and he tried sitting on me after I wanted his egg for some reason. Not sure what the purpose is.
  3. Wow, poop really is a big deal in this game. Okay, my next mission after I slowly die from hunger is to go hunting for the excrements of large beasts in order to survive. Time to Bear Gryll's this game... wait, please tell me there's not an option to- nevermind. Again, thanks for all the constructive comments. Nice advice and tips which aren't spoiling anything but pointing me in the right direction. It's 4:00 AM and I'm really enjoying myself. Feel free to let me know anything else that you think would be relevant to the game. EDIT: What's with that huge ugly bird that keeps running away from me?
  4. Ah, thanks then. I'll have to keep an eye out for him so that I can make a farm. I've started doing... something. I wouldn't exactly call it farming, haha. Here's a screenshot. I guess the most appropriate question here is - am i doin it rite? Well the grass, sticks and berries don't seem to be growing back. I am only on day 5 though.
  5. Thanks for the warm welcome guys. I must admit there is one thing that, for the life of me, I cannot figure out. Where can I get... dung?
  6. Well, hello Klei Entertainment Forums. I've bought the game, Don't Starve, just under an hour ago and I'm thrilled with the artistic design and uncanny sense that the game holds. I find it to be something beautifully designed whilst holding a perfectly balanced concept that is perfected to something that I'd expect to see coming straight from Tim Burton's mind. I'm not trying to flatter you, just letting you know that I think I've struck a gold mine. So to the developers of this game - Thank you, for giving me an intelligent and artistic game to play through and invest some time into. Now to everyone, seeing as this is such a great game, I don't really want to have anything spoiled. I don't want to know all the secrets and I want to figure a relative amount out for myself. But I would appreciate it if you guys could shed some light on the game for me, in a sense of - what do you enjoy doing in the game, what do you suggest I do, as a new player, to get the most out of my experience? I'm open to all concepts and ideas, tell me all that you feel is necessary. Just don't tell me anything that you feel may spoil some of the surprises or make the experience less enjoyable than it couldn't of been. I think that I may spend some time on this forum as you all seem like a bunch of kind and smart people. I look forward to getting to know you guys, feel free to drop me a PM, I'm always up for a nice chat.
  7. This would definitely solve a lot of the problems that you're describing. From what I've been playing so far, everything seems well balanced. Especially for what comes across to me as an indie game. What you guys are talking about seems to be more or less on a "hardcore" level of this concept. From what I played in other games, there always seems to be something players can do to make it easier for themselves and a typical medium of farming exp, loot, and items in order to keep themselves safe. I encourage you to keep trying, though. There is nothing stopping you from mediating it to the level that you desire given the circumstances. Again, I am enjoying myself a lot so far.
  8. I just bought the game under 10 minutes ago. I don't think there's a chance of me encountering this Krampus anytime Soon.