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  1. well, I didn't get any emails or any in game notifications and that is not the point here. I know its still my fault for not following up their platforms. It was cool until the expansion wasn't up in marketplace and they released the beta for testing purpose at that time it make sense that only those who are actually willing to give time to this are deserving ones, but now the thing has become a playable/cash worthy product its up in the market, current owners of the base game should be allowed access the product/content now.
  2. yeah, more like " the expansion is already out but we don't care if you are already a loyal customer and deserve to have it, will grab every opportunity to make money" I'm criticizing this capitalistic approach.
  3. hello, I literally counted days and weeks for DST but I missed early beta signups and almost every time you distributed keys i couldn't get any, got late or had some thing super crucial work/study related so didn't get any keys. now when I'm on winter holidays and super ready to try DST turns out I've to buy the frontier pack to get in early access and be able to play it but I can't buy it (economical reasons). I own DS+RoG why I'm not being given early access??! looks like when you will release it my holidays shell be already over. this is not cool guys!!!