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  1. [Gameplay] Krampus Won't Die

    The one time he refused to die he was actually a respawn of the same Krampus from before. He had managed to disappear after there was no more loot near him and I stayed away too long. The easiest fix for now, as for those other cases when mobs get stuck, is to relog. He was mortal again and I could collect what he stole on his previous appearance.
  2. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Exploit] Platform Steam Version Number - Issue title Spent items reappear on one spot on the map Steps to reproduce Not sure how to reproduce, maybe by first dropping a number of stacked items. Describe your issue On the first map a ton of poop stacked in one spot and after revisiting I could collect another number of it individually but all in one place. On the second map again with the poop. I thought I dropped it there at some point, but then could recollect it over and over again. Later and still persistent I could recover the exact number of all the darts used, no poop any more. I never have to build more darts since all used darts can be recovered. This persisted over the Naughty and Nice update.
  3. [Exploit] Unlimited Torches

    Thats probably how my 3 percent torch replicated so I ended up with two of those. Only the copy wasnt usable, it appeared as a phantom to occupy an additional inventory slot until the item was used up, then disappeared together with the original one. While I had them I could never place both torches in the backpack, but they could be both in the main inventory.