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  1. Why are people not prioritizing larvae? Why attack Queen without using a stinger first?
  2. I usually take away the hologram projection belt. I don't know if there is a way to tell which one is the real one, but I feel like the belt is usually what gets me killed. And yeah, if you could take screenshot(s) of the deck you have at Kashio maybe we can give you some tips there.
  3. I agree that Nadan's card that improvises the upgraded blood card needs to be buffed (e.g. it needs to cost 0 or the card it improvises needs to cost 1 less). I feel like it would be more interesting of a card if it were to do something like be a one-use card that you use that permanently adds an upgraded rare bleed card to your deck. I don't agree at all however that savage lacerate is bad. I literally always choose this upgrade. If I'm running a bleed deck, getting bleed on someone is almost never a problem and I just want more bleed for more synergy. I think it's fine power wise. It's never seemed too weak to me.
  4. Cool. I'm really looking forward to when "You can now click an agent's portrait in conversation to show a detailed popup of that character." makes its way into the nonexperimental version.