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  1. Title say it all any mac users out there i have a chrome key too make me a steam mac game offer for it, although i did see jade empire on sale today that wouldn't go a miss sorry for a new thread but i saw some games on sale today
  2. I got the humble bundle so i have a lot of the games listed there, i have updated my post a little to, guess bump too, two worlds II interested me for the chrome key, as i know its an awful game but the voice acting is so bad its like the guilty pleasure you get from listening to William Shatner albums
  3. Hello I have one of each spare and i am open to offers, preferably for steam games, I am open to offers I haven't got any particular game in mind, if i think of anything i will edit this post Thanks Could anyone interested in the chrome key let me know in particular also I am interested if anybody has civ v, or dawn of war II maybe the xcom collection or fallout collection for the chrome key (i am a fan of strategy, fps, rpg, and indie, currently on mac os x but building a pc so if something is particular awesome and windows only thats good)