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  1. So i died last time because i atttacked a spider lair But never mind i now know that i can burn thos guys to the ground My new question is: If i create a new world, do i lose my science prograss as well?
  2. hey folks, thank you very much for those many and allso very diverse hints! Is there any way to save my savegame into an extra folder so i can retry if i die? I know that this game is pretty much about diing and trying it again but i want to last until day 20, that is my goal Edit: Hey apparently if you save and exit and restart he game the omnsters arent angry at you any more. The treegurad is just walking around my campfire protecting me against any evil that might want to attack me. I just added a screenshot so you can see my progress and maybe understand why i want to keep it Greetings Alex
  3. Hey folks, so i am playing Dont starve and i really lasted for 12 days now, which is okay for my second try i guess. But now i am facing a treeguard in my save. Since i would like to last some more days, i would like to ask for a nice tactic against it. I tryed with a torch and my spear but apparently that wont do much. So what can i do? I allready have 8 fast farms a bunch of berrytrees, and other colletctingstuff. So i would like to keep all these. Hope to find some help. Kind regards Alex