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  1. I like the idea of food spoilage, but I feel that farming has been nerfed more than enough already. Without having turbo plots, it is very very hard to grow enough food to self sustain as long as you have the seeds to do it. with food spoilage however, I feel like it will make those efforts worthless for the most part. I have found myself using the crock pot more and more to cool monster meat to supplement my meager farm. and store some food.
  2. Yea, I'm kind of surprised as to how rude some of these people are responding to a mere suggestion O.O But I agree that it just doesn't fit thematically with the current world presented to us.
  3. After 11 deaths, I have finally survived past day 20 and established a farm/base of operations from which I am now preparing for the winter update. While I was out collecting wood, I usually make sure to plant trees to counter balance the ones I've cut down. This is around day 45. Unfortunately, a Giant Tree became a Tree Guard and a tiny tree became a Tiny Tree Guard. At first I was like awwwwwwwwww the big grown up Optimus Prime is leading his young.. wait... they are coming towards me!!!111 This resulted in a long drawn out combat that lasted the entire day, night, and a part of the next morning as I ran back to camp, lit the camp fire and proceeded to do a dance around the fire while trading blows. The Next morning, the big one suddenly stopped moving towards me and stood in one spot, which I thought was odd. The Tiny one came at me. I dispatched it and it dropped 6 wood and 1 meat. When I went to fight the big one, I hit it once and it died dropping another 6 wood and 1 meat. So, point 1. I think a movement related bug occurred on the big optimus pine. point 2. is the small one supposed to drop the same amount of loot as the big one? I mean the small one took a lot less hits to kill soo...... point 3. Why the heck do optimus pines drop meat if they are made out of wood? O.O that was the feedback, here is a suggestion or two. 1. replace the meat with a lot of pine cones for thematic and ironic purposes. 2. find out how to replicate that movement bug... it did happen right after dawn. 3. have separate amounts of loot for the size of optimus pine. I hope this post has been useful, Thank you.
  4. I was already in the process of trying this once the update came out. Unfortunately my camp was attacked by a group of 12 spiders... I got penned in and my log armor was no match . Will try again. How often do eggs respawn?