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  1. I have realised since the most recent update that everything seems to look a bit higher res, and it looks great! Just thought I would mention this to see if others have noticed, and if it was part of the update.
  2. I wasn't really thinking of it being a biome, just a fairly sized feature in a certain biomes. And yes the lava could be a heat or source, or used to make heat sources e.g. furnace (filled with lava).
  3. This could even be extended to the point where you purchase some basic resources to start off, with the day/point currency thingy.
  4. I think maybe there could be a few graves together with some eerie iron fencing around it, maybe some crows and dead trees. In this graveyard some zombies or skeletons, maybe even werepigs could spawn, this would make amulet farming more difficult and enjoyable.
  5. This could happen on some sort of difficulty which is easier than normal?
  6. Just an idea, maybe there could be a lava lake, forming from maybe a crack in the ground or maybe even a mini volcano. This lava could be farmed (bucket, new recipe?) but would empty after a few bucketfuls. After maybe a about 2-3 days the crack/volcano gushes out lava again, this would make a deep BOOM noise and make the ground shake a bit so you know. When this happens a few boulders are spewed out in the near proximity, this would also make people actually farm the lava, so they work for the boulders because they are rather rare in the later days. (Just an idea, these boulders would be slightly darker than the average boulder and could have the chance of dropping obsidian, or something similar, when mined). Also lava/obsidian could be used for new weapons/armour/alchemy overall new recipes. Sorry for the wall of text and leave some feedback on what you think!
  7. Maybe there could be a table and separate column/row for each character. This would give a more advanced comparison so you could see which character you prefer, (different abilities and such).