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  1. Teleportation System

    The Meat Effigy is a teleport system, just an expensive one. Plan your effigies in a pattern of travel across the world.
  2. Necromancy: the dark arts

    In addition to the minions the game could channel Necromancer's original meaning and have the character capable of reading the future or gaining insights via the summoning of the dead. This power could reveal portions of the map that are currently unexplored that the deceased was familiar with, inform of a new recipe, drop game lore that otherwise has no facet for entry, or piece of the puzzle in story mode. More practical benefits could manifest in several forms: Regained sanity by having a civilized conversation with a former resident of the graves, gaining an ally by being able to interact with ghosts and gift them objects like clothing.
  3. Settler Vs Nomad

    Rather than disable the ability to make the settlement items perhaps the devs could simply limit the lifespan any particular island has. If we imagine that some additional malevolent mcguffin is introduced as a cattle prod to stay on the move the nomad/exploration feeling that people aspire towards may be preserved. For instance, if after 20-30 days the first island is overwhelmed dogs/darkness/disease or simply falls into the ocean it would literally force the player to continually move their primary base of operations every few dozen days. Moving forward as a rule would force exploration of new islands. Admittedly there are a few problems that would be encountered. The first is the inevitable dead end under current map builds. On my third run it took me about 50 days to have the entire map explored, new areas would have to open up to make up for the ones left behind. Which leads to the the intense technical difficulty as the world would need to partially reconfigure after each of these deadlines. Finally this may be too similar in feel to the story mode where the player is forced to go through multiple worlds in a linear fashion; but an island regeneration/degeneration element to the freeplay version would permit a constantly refreshing experience. My $.02
  4. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Steam Version Number - Issue title Sticky Movement Steps to reproduce Non-player activated. Describe your issue I imagine this has to have been an issue before, but I didn't see it on the listed known issues. It is not a major issue but I have noticed several instances of the AI pathfinding getting spiders and bugs stuck in objects. For spiders they will move left and right rapidly in front of or within their egg sac, giving them the appearance of violent shaking. A similar observation can be made about bees who will get trapped by a flower. Although their movement seems less erratic in terms of animation. I have not observed this issue with Flutterbys.