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  1. It's great to see the title finally have some significance with food spoilage! After playing Binding of Isaac more, I can only applaud a higher difficulty curve. Remember people, it's a beta. Don't get too attached and be proud to be a part of something. You'll miss these updates when they're gone...
  2. Update query

    People tend to focus on the negative, not the positive. I was excited when I heard about food spoilage. We've needed that for a long long time.
  3. [Graphics] Steam version does not stay fullscreened

    No, it was my native resolution at the time. I eventually fixed this by manually editing the settings on Steam but it should probably be looked at.
  4. [Gameplay] rabbit traps bugs

    I've had the same problem, all I have to say is: is your bottom hotbar full with the only open space in your backpack?
  5. A noob's first impression

    You already start off as one of the best characters by default: Wilson. Start researching razors and chests and working towards Meat Effigies.
  6. That one special creature.

    Fuckin' TREEGUARDS. I scream every time. Or I end up surrounded by spiders and start running in circles screaming because I can't go anywhere and if one aggros, THEY ALL DO.
  7. The Game Is Losing Replay Value

    I keep on playing the game over and dying and playing again because I remember getting an awesome map that had everything and now I can't find even half the things again (lots of rocks, tallbirds, beefalo, a mandrake, anything except swamp/forest/rabbit land)
  8. The Immortal who died.

    I don't like the idea of this at all. There just needs to be more content in the game, less huge biomes and more variety, not limiting what we already have available. That's the complete opposite of fun.
  9. How can there be fireworks when it's a top-down perspective and you don't see the sky? Derp. Other civilized items like the Suit and Hat were going to affect sanity so decorative items could give a slow uptick/recovery to your sanity meter while you are around them.
  10. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Graphics] Platform Steam Version Number 12-19 Issue title Steam version does not stay fullscreened Steps to reproduce The game does not start fullscreened and going to options, enabling fullscreen and clicking Apply does nothing. Describe your issue The game does not seem to remember the fullscreened setting in Steam, and when you click buttons, the cursor is detecting a spot higher than where your mouse really is.
  11. [Main Thread] Invisible Treeguard

    This happened to me, I just ran away to another island. It's very slow. It's, like, Amnesia levels of water monster scary too. D:
  12. I'm having some trouble unlocking it within Chrome, I go to the App Store and it starts to download but gets stuck on common.zip then never progresses.
  13. No bow just arrows

    I like the idea of a use for Hound's Tooth besides Research.
  14. [Graphics] Treeguard glides instead of walking.

    I had this same bug yesterday as well.
  15. [Graphics] Optimum Pine not burning visually.

    I had the same problem, just died to it actually.