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  1. I obsessively stockpile crops, so unless they introduce spoilage as a thing (please, please don't) I can live off the fat of my land even during the lean winter. Also, pumpkins are my favorite for purely utilitarian reasons. Cooked eggplant is better to look at, however.
  2. Krampus is a cool dude. Though now that I finally got his bag, I wish I hadn't had to kill so many bunnies to get it. It is cool looking though.
  3. Day 428 presently. But the impressive thing is that I haven't just gotten bored and created a new world. I explored every inch of the place 300 days ago. And yet, there's still stuff to organize! This game is an obsessive compulsive's dream/nightmare.
  4. I pause and weep quietly. Then I unpause and slaughter whatever killed it. And anything in the vicinity. I'm very wrathful.
  5. There's also that. I used a miner hat a couple times to get it while the tall bird was asleep.
  6. The pan flute puts it right to sleep.
  7. I usually build a base where the beefalo are. I'm primarily a farmer and they're a constant source of manure. But if you have a lot of berry bushes around, pigs are an even better source of manure. Just keep feeding them til you have no more berries. And if you're excessively stingy and not too picky about naughtiness, you can kill them and get your berries back. Unless you can't do that anymore, I haven't done it in a while. I usually keep one stack worth of everything at a home base (so, 40) and then make farms of them in other locations nearby. That's really important, because one fire hound and you can lose quite a bit. Berries are less plentiful than saplings and grass, so best to keep them in sections of 10. I keep 6 farm plots myself and they're pretty well self-sustaining manurewise once you've gotten them set up. And seeds are so very plentiful. Firepits are a good back up but for adventuring I am a huge fan of the grass mat. It saves you the trouble of lugging around fire fuel plus you don't have to wait through the boring night when you can't do much of anything. They're really quick to have enough material for, too. It's only 9 grasses, essentially. Hope that was helpful and not just my rambling!
  8. Absolutely everything the smallbirds do is completely adorable. I have yet to draw a Krampus attack yet, (don't have the stomach to kill smallbirds to get his attention) but I'm killing pigs with impunity at this point to get one. For science!
  9. It was postulated on one of these small bird related threads that you might shoot your small bird with a sleeping dart to keep it out of fights. Goodness gracious, don't do that. I just tried it. Small bird does not fall asleep, only becomes enraged and tries to attack you. He doesn't do any damage but he's very persistent. A pan pipe calms him down and when he wakes up all is right with the world. But I had a couple scary moments when I thought I was going to have to kill my little guy.
  10. After experiencing the agony of death and the tedium of re-doing all my hard work so many times in the beginning, I've become pretty paranoid. How do you handle this morbid eventuality? With an excess of meat effigies like me? Or do you have a more creative way of going about it? I also have a backpack full of amulets. Remember, I'm paranoid.
  11. I was exploring a new world with no weapons on me, as this was before the hounds were added, back when if you didn't attack anything during the day, you wouldn't get attacked. I then stumbled upon a spider nest at dusk. Well, obviously, I ran away since the spiders were just coming out. Only I then ran into another nest. And another. And another. And then four more. Eight nests in one big cluster, with the darkness encroaching. I just barely got out of range and built a quick campfire as complete darkness fell. Still the most terrifying thing that has happened to me in this game. Needless to say, I set fire to that section of woods the next day.
  12. In that case, I'm going to stop trying for now. I've lost 6 small birds already. All to firehounds. Those things are supposed to curtail berry farming, except they've killed none of my bushes and all of my pets. EDIT: Also, way to go having small birds last so long! I've barely made it a week so far.