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  1. Just trying to get rid of left over copies...
  2. I have 2 copies of Dota 2 willing to trade via gift on steam, add me " Chode_stealer_HD". I'll trade for any decent games, but please be fair on the trades
  3. I have a spare 'Dont starve' for google chrome, it is legit, willing to swap for a game on steam, around same price range and something to do with zombies would be nice :3 Ill email you the code or send it via facebook e.t.c
  4. Thank you i'll check now This forum is actually really useful, glad I joined
  5. Does it only save on steam? ive got steam but i havnt played it much on it...
  6. My experience that I earn isn't saved either Please someone help, I really enjoy this game but its being ruined by this one probelm. please help me someone
  7. Okay, not even my settings save :S if i dont want any sound it just comes back if i close the browser :S
  8. It doesn't say save and exit however it does save at night/day but won't allow me to carry on playing the same save if i exit the game but thank you for the help
  9. I bought this game a few days ago, and as you can expect I was pretty bad But after a while i got better blah blah blah... I then tried to save it but it wouldnt let me play it again after I had left the game Any help please?