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  1. Bastion for 2 copies of Dota 2?
  2. Dota 2 Trading :D

    Just trying to get rid of left over copies...
  3. Dota 2 Trading :D

    I have 2 copies of Dota 2 willing to trade via gift on steam, add me " Chode_stealer_HD". I'll trade for any decent games, but please be fair on the trades
  4. If you ever get desperate then my key is still here
  5. I've got one for google chrome if youre interested?
  6. Trading 3 Copies of Dota 2 For Don't Starve

    I've got one for google chrome?
  7. Dont starve google chrome

    Maybe warZ? If anybody wants to trade
  8. I have a spare 'Dont starve' for google chrome, it is legit, willing to swap for a game on steam, around same price range and something to do with zombies would be nice :3 Ill email you the code or send it via facebook e.t.c
  9. Thank you i'll check now This forum is actually really useful, glad I joined
  10. Does it only save on steam? ive got steam but i havnt played it much on it...
  11. My experience that I earn isn't saved either Please someone help, I really enjoy this game but its being ruined by this one probelm. please help me someone
  12. Okay, not even my settings save :S if i dont want any sound it just comes back if i close the browser :S
  13. It doesn't say save and exit however it does save at night/day but won't allow me to carry on playing the same save if i exit the game but thank you for the help
  14. I bought this game a few days ago, and as you can expect I was pretty bad But after a while i got better blah blah blah... I then tried to save it but it wouldnt let me play it again after I had left the game Any help please?