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  1. Got the bug where i cant see the recipe, and the winterometer isnt on the wiki yet, could someone tell me what i need to build it
  2. I knew joining a beta that there would be times when I wished the game was complete but Im glad i did, the forums, videos, people, and puzzles is more than enough excitement to hold me over till the game is finely polished.
  3. The bee box problem seems simple to solve to me, we need a bear. The more bee boxes you have the greater chance it will spawn. Just like you, when it finds a sustainable food source it stays put until it is taken care of, and who doesn't want a dapper bear skin rug or hat. ;)Aw damn Luigisopa beat me to it
  4. Just wondering, I find myself on this game and all of the sudden its been 2 and a half hours.
  5. I do, but because of that I always find myself getting in fights where i drop my backpack (for a log suit or amulet) with something important in it like food or supplies for building a fire and end up dieing. Its not that big of a deal, but if i could keep my tools in my backpack with hot keys and more important stuff in my inventory it would save me a lot of trouble.
  6. Is there a way to share a map(or save for that matter) your playing, if not there should be
  7. Im having the same problem as Xuhybrid, i think i saw some bees when i first started my game but now ive waited around at a bee hive and cant find them anymore, maybe they all died and dont respawn.