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  1. How would this work in the winter part if that gets put into game play? I'm assuming some stuff won't grow at all or take longer, as it does in real life. However in real life farmers were able to can and preserve a lot of their food for over the winter months. I know my granparnts owned a farm. Will you be bringing in the ability to can food for preservation?
  2. If your going to go out, go out with a bang!!! Eat all the food, attack all teh spiders, and then burn everything!!! WHAHAHAHA! *cough*
  3. I love it! I'm not spending hours on end every day playing it however. I'm not searching for ways to make the game easier by taking advantage of game issues that get fixed later on.
  4. Have to say as a new gamer all around, and a new gamer to this particular game I am finding it challenging. Starting off I died about 10 times before I got the hang of it. Been living for 30 days now but had a few close calls. I still find the game challenging but maybe that is becuase I'm not a hard core gamer nor play this for hours on end each day. I can see someone who games for most of their time or is a professional gamer might find this easy but I don't. My biggest fear is that the devs will make this game super challenging to meet the needs of more experienced gamers but it will be too challenging for a newb to play or less experienced gamer to play. Now I'm not saying to nerf everything cause I love a challenge but I think there would even be a cut off point for me somewhere. I know there have been games I tried and just gave up cause I couldnt' get the hang of the keyboard let alone the game. Overall I'm finding it exciting for each update to see how long I can live.
  5. I bet you have never coded a game in your life if you think it is easy!
  6. Thank you!! The first pit trick did it!! Please tell me the pigs respan eventually?
  7. Ah ok! that is more helpful. I was watching old videos then cause they were lighting him on fire with torches or lighting trees next to him on fire which caught him on fire. Figured I be playing a more updated version He orriganly spawned next to a pig village but it had no problem slaughtering all 10 pigs there who attacked him. I will try the campfire option. Just built a meat effigy so at least if i die again I would end my game as I have no amulets left. My sad luck was being attacked by the tree guardian, and 4 hell hounds at the same time. My pigs were slaughtered and I almost died first time trying to kill the hound and guardian. At least the hounds went after the meat on the ground but still they ate my meat LOL. I'm guessing buffelo won't attack a tree guardian? Can't put seeds in it but I will try twigs and flower petals. I saw recipes using grass but I guess they changed the game since that stuff was posted. LOL reason why Wiki's are no good while a game is still in development. Glad I got this forum or I be lost.
  8. I've been reading the various forum threads on these topics but I'm not sure if what I am experiencing are glitches or if they have changed the game in the updates since the threads were made. Using chrome latest version. tree guardian issue I can't kill it at all. I can't even light it on fire! I put the torch over it and it just says attack. I do this and it does not light it on fire. I can't even burn it when it is planted in it's non walking form. It also follows me around constantly no matter where I am. Planting eggcorns does nothing to make him plant himself like it used to. Help, what am I doing wrong or is this a glitch I should report. I'm really getting tired of getting killed over and over by this same tree guardian... I want a chainsaw now! Crock pot I can't put anything in it other than fruit, veg, or meat. I have seen/heard of recipes but none of them work for me. There are recipes listed on a unofffical wilki for the game but again I can't put sticks, straw, etc into the pot. Glitch or has this changed since the list/threads were posted?
  9. This just happened to me. I had everything unlocked, almost day 29, always let the game autosave on it's own at morning and then logged out. I just loged back in today to continue and everything was locked and my reserach points gone!!!!! *cries* Playing on chrome and using XP. Only ever used the ingame autosave, never saved the game myself. playing beta 70528 Update: It seems to have been fixed with the hotfix. Thanks guys, it got to be hard creating a game with it being played in the process.
  10. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Performance] Platform Chrome Version Number 70504 Issue title Walking is painfully slow!! Steps to reproduce Just try walking. Everything else in the game seems to move at a normal speed. Describe your issue I just logged on today and wilson is walking painfully slow in chrome. It just took me a full day to walk across two small islands. Everything else seems to be moving at the normal speed. Birds and spiders are moving faster than wilson. I can no longer outrun spiders.