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  1. I think we all know how Krampus works by now: he spawns when you have done a certain number of "bad things". I suggest that if you do a certain number of GOOD things, he should spawn (making a different noise when he spawns, to signal his good will) and would drop a christmas-like gift SOMEWHERE in the map for only 5 days, after which it transforms into a "broken giftbox" that serves the only purpose of research... But you don't want that to happen, do you? So if you find it before the 5 days, you'd find something helpful in it! This of course implies that there must be some actions in the game that give you Good points. But that's left to the developers to decide. I think this would be a neat idea that rewards good players and encourages venturing around the world to find the gift!
  2. I agree with the first part about the game's direction. But, no offense intended since it's just my opinion, the idea of sending NPCs to do things for you is pretty boring. Also, what makes the survival genre unique and fun is to know that you are trying to stay alive ALONE, and ON YOUR OWN. That's not mandatory of course, but all that social stuff you suggested has nothing to do with this game, and would just turn it into a The Sims game. Keep in mind that with "alone" i do NOT mean "you're the only person in the game"! That's not that i mean! What i'm saying is that the game should not rely too much on gimmicky social activities with NPCs that would simply be boring and take the atmosphere of being lost out of the game. Just my 2 cents.
  3. I'm new here, hi everybody! I've made a research and found nothing about this topic, so here goes! First of all, i'm loving this game. It has an amazing atmosphere, awesome gameplay and a feeling of terror and anxiety that i've rarely found in other games. Anyways, let's get onto my suggestion: animations for when you walk diagonally. I don't think if it's possible / plausible to make diagonal walking animations for every single hat, suit and character, but i think it would add more "3D" to the game, and will make it a lot smoother to play.