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  1. Ahh, I'll have to be a bit more stringent searching the forums beforehand then :s
  2. Hello forum! I had a thought whilst exploring some unmarked graves to the North of my encampment a couple of days ago. I had packed my kitbag full of essentials to last the night, but in a somewhat foolhardy moment decided to pitch my fireplace next to a rather large spider mound...the long and short is that I spent a *very* eventful night dancing with spiders and turned out to have been very fortunate in finding a short lived amulet in a gravestone earlier! Anyway, I digress. I thought, seeing as being out at night seems very dangerous surely spiders must be able to see in the dark? Their nightly activities and big eyes certainly suggest a certain nocturnal preference! - Now most animals that can see in the dark have reflective lenses within their eyes. Considering the beautiful, yet haunting lighting given off by fireflies, I propose that spider eyes also gleam with a similar light. Potentially only if lit by the ambience of a campfire or other light source... Imagine wandering in the woods at night with nothing but a torch or mining helmet to suddenly see hundreds of gleaming eyes staring back at you from the darkness! - Truly an eerie, if not terrifying sight to behold! What do the rest of you guys think? Gleaming spider eyes or no? Let me hear your responses and comments Spook x
  3. On a related note, there are seeds floating above my 'Pig Chief' that cannot be grabbed and every 3 days result in an army of Pig men trying to eat them to no avail... :s
  4. Yup, 1 ~ 3 seeds seems to be the output alright! Very handy for stacking pumpkin lanterns if you are so inclined Thanks for the greetings all! - Going to experiment a little more later!
  5. I've posted a new thread called: " Farming with Birds! " which has some new information in x
  6. Hello Don't Starve enthusiasts! I'm brand new to the forums and have been playing in game for 42 days now With the recent update I decided to trial the new birdcage addition and any benefits it might bring. It turns out if imprison a bird into the cage (tested only with the crow atm) and feed it vegetables or fruits from your farms they will drop seeds that correspond to that type of food! So if you're really keen on cooking up a Dragon pie this evening make sure to feed your birds some Dragon berries in advance ;D Gotta go, Krampus is lurking... Spook