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  1. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform [*]Steam Version Number 73779 Issue title Stack of Butterflies vanished Steps to reproduce Hold a stack of butterflies in cursor. Attempt planting a flower. If you can't plant there, the stack of butterflies vanishes. Describe your issue You know that thing that happens a lot when you are planting trees? You hover over a spot near something else and the image becomes green and you click, then, your character runs to that spot but for some reason you can't plant there anymore. So your character says "I can't do that." If you do that with a stack of butterflies, the butterfly stack vanishes and you have to waste time and silk on getting more butterflies. So I did this... twice. That's two stacks of butterflies that vanished because I clicked too close to a bee box or something else. Frustrating! Definitely a bug worthy of fixing. Thanks in advance!
  2. The fact that warrior spiders spawn from level 1 nests now, and that you might have to fight as many as three of them, is really hurting my ability to gather silk! Its really hard to get it. I am guessing I am supposed to cam outside a den at night and wrestle with them as they come out and grind for silk if I ever want a hope of getting enough for bird traps for feathers...But I haven't gotten to that point. I keep dying before two weeks are up.Boy the combined changes of Sanity and Winter is really kicking my ass. I'm also running nearly on empty when it comes to food almost constantly.The game has become quite stressful. However there is only one thing that is actually upsetting me. It is becoming very hard to find rocks. It takes me about 4-5 days before I finally find some, and then I'm obtaining gold from them less frequently. Maybe its just my bad luck, but, I've gone through 15 lives since sanity update was released and the new world gen was implemented and I'm just not finding boulders.Not being able to build even the basic science machine is really hurting my survival chances.Anyway, that's my input so far. I haven't survived long enough to hit Winter yet so I have absolutely no idea what that is like yet. But THANK YOU GUYS for fixing Abigail. It feels good to be able to play as Wendy again.
  3. well hello Maxy! He let me run around before disappearing only after he finished his dialog. It was quite amusing. Has this happened to anyone else? Not sure if this was a bug so I didn't put it there.
  4. Oh my gosh you've drawn so much cool artwork for Don't Starve it isn't even funny. And going by the stamps on your DA page you like so much cool **** it is not funny! Doctor Who, Adventure Time, ponies, SPAAAAAAAACE. I'm happy I learned about you from the main webpage's community spotlight!
  5. I think it makes sense for sanity to lower at night, although, maybe not as quickly? But if I was alone out in the wilderness and I knew there was a thing waiting to catch me out of the light, and it is always there, I'd probably slowly go insane in the dark too.
  6. Thanks you two. That's good to know!
  7. I already said they were in mating season--the fact I was trying to shave them should have been obvious--I wanted to make a beefalo hat, but did not want to wait for mating season to end first, so I tried to shave them at night to avoid being killed.Unless what you are trying to say is that they stay asleep when you shave them, but not during mating season, which is the kind of facts I am fishing for.
  8. I too was wondering why they changed it. The new sound is not as satisfying or "oomphy"
  9. So Beefalo seem to be getting more intelligent, but, I am not sure exactly in what way. I survived until day 13 for the first time in a long time since the sanity update. I was quite happy! But I came across some beefalo and they were in mating season, and I was impatient so I tried to shave them while they were asleep.So the question is this, do they wake up during or after you shave them? Can their babies wake them up too?I shaved two of them before any of them woke up, then I ran around until they forgot about me and then I tried to shave a third one, but he woke up and killed me before I was halfway done, and I am not sure if it was because I was shaving him or because the children were scampering around.
  10. I think Wendy's vulnerability to Abigail is intentional and implies that Wendy had something to do with her death, but, Abigail still wants to help Wendy in some way. It is an interesting mechanic to consider, assuming it was done intentionally. But yeah Wendy is the weakest character in the game--and that's fine I guess, gives players the choice to have a weaker character specifically to challenge themselves in some way, and it is a pretty spooky element. The thing about her appearing rarely and unpredictably means you can't reliably weaponize her. Because even in her current state, if there was a way you could know for sure when she was going to appear on a specific day, you could do all sorts with that. But I think Abigail's AI definitely needs to be improved. She needs more speed, or at least more speed when targeting a monster, and she should home in on them much more easily. In her current state you have to drag monsters into Abigail's path once or twice in order to kill them. Abigail should be helpful in a pinch, but she isn't helpful in a pinch at all. Abigail in her current form is more of a novelty. To be fair though, it is a pretty interesting novelty.
  11. I think curing would take a lot of time, like farming does, but you need to keep a fire going, a smokey fire, using like twigs and pinecones and whatnot. Finding a good balance between effort, "grinding", and interest can be hard. Still, stuff like seeds, toasted seeds, and honey might not spoil. Real honey doesn't spoil easily, that's for sure.
  12. Before the last update I definitely figured out a way to play forever, if I wanted to. Lure hounds to pigs to have them kill the hounds for you, so long as there aren't enough hounds to beat all the pigs, then you can survive without flint for a weapon. You could use blow darts to put enemies to sleep while the pigs kill them for you. Then since gold is ostensibly a renewable resource, you can use that for gathering wood for fires, use farms and berries to feed yourself, and... yeah I think that covers everything.
  13. That'd be neat, but, at the same time our automap function is awfully generous. Wilson has a photographic memory it seems!
  14. I presume that there will be a way of curing food. Someone in another thread proposed the existence of a smoke house, then, you could hoard food from that. I know I would. But see my problem is that in any game that allows for food crafting, I try to go as nuts as I can. Like when I could cook 2 ingredients in Paper Mario, I got derailed for hours just trying to discover recipes. I was heartbroken when I mixed cake mix and the dizzy dial and it DID NOT make a funnel cake.