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  1. Wait... this was changed on purpose? The whole reason I used traps to get bunnies was because it makes me sad to kill them. Poor lil guys... and the birds! When you put them back on the ground they flop around like fish on land. SO SAD! Not a fan of the new trapping system... terrible. Guess it's time for Wilson to become a vegan.
  2. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Graphics] Platform Steam Version Number - Issue title Traps capture animal but still have to kill it. Steps to reproduce 1. Set trap and bait. 2. Wait for animal to get into trap. 3. Loot trap. Describe your issue The trap, and the animal (bird or rabbit) appear in your inventory instead of a morsel. You have to put the rabbit or bird down and kill it to get the items. This scares away nearby rabbits/birds, as well as takes up access space in your inventory. If this is working as intended (I sure hope it's a bug) please ignore this post.
  3. [Gameplay] Trap stuck at 1% and cannot be used

    Confirmed. I had this issue playing after the patch.