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  1. I'm a fast drawer XD Even if I could get in though, I'd draw just to try drawing a robot, so I'll wait after the contest lol. Mecha is not my forte XD
  2. That, and the fact that Krampus has a schnazzy backpack with 10 slots, bunny genocide ftw~
  3. Dude, something similar to what you guys want happened. Day 17, time to cut it, and somehow when it fell in clumps my fire went haywire and ALL the hair on the ground was set afire, plus a nearby bee hive (was able to save theh oney and comb lol)
  4. I had to solve the problem myself-it's not the specs, it's just chrome. I just switched to steam and the game works fine-chrome may be unplayable but steam is. Not sure if any of you guys have a steam code or not, but it's better than playing with lag :3
  5. Perhaps I should repost my dxdiag, it's been a few days and I haven't been able to play Don't starve D; Having withdrawls, lol... [ATTACH]834[/ATTACH] I'm still patient for a fix because I know they're working on it ^^ DxDiag.txt
  6. The same thing is happening to me [note other thread] You aren't alone in this XD
  7. Mnyea, I tried to make do with it if only to see if the research reset was fixed-that was fixed, but it's been three days since I've 'really' played, no fun when you're immensely slow, not to mention when your research is set back to zero :/ Oh well, I'm sure the admins will fix it Soon as they figure out the problem. It's probably the beta switch. It's the withdrawls we need to survive XD
  8. Tested, still have research and what I researched :3
  9. It'lls take me a while because of the lag, but I'll do it :3
  10. Maybe it's just 70528. Maybe that beta just doesn't like any of us and doesn't want us to have fun. xD Day two of no playing, I'm 'starving', haha, but I'm sure the admins'll fix it, we just have to give them time to figure out what's tinking when it should be tonking, etc etc, and we'll be back to fighting spiders and eating piggies.
  11. This just happened to me too, I exit my Chrome because it crashed, and then I wanted to check if my lag was fixed, and I noticed I have a new number in the box below after I realized that Willow was locked for me and I was basically at square one (I had unlocked her previously, screenshot in my other thread as well from the lag bug) Is there a way to get that all back, or am I at square one like the user above?
  12. Hmn, my music doesn't seem to be lagging. Oh dear lord, I'm having game withdrawl XD I'll see if I can use steam, haha...or would the files be different?