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  1. Art Competition (with prizes)

    I'm a fast drawer XD Even if I could get in though, I'd draw just to try drawing a robot, so I'll wait after the contest lol. Mecha is not my forte XD
  2. Art Competition (with prizes)

    I might draw, but not for the contest XD
  3. Oh no I wasn't complaining, I know most companies aren't that benevolent :3I was just curious is all xDThanks again Klei comp. :3
  4. Problem's solved :DThey gave me a new code, though that was just it. I kinda wanted to know what was wrong with the first one ><;
  5. So still waiting on the debs but back read and wanted to ask what you meant by the humble. Do you mean the same code was applied to that by another person then given to us or are you talking about a different scenario?
  6. I emailed the devs, wish me luck :3Hopefully they'll find it's like a glitch or something..
  7. He tried it again, it says it's a duplicate item and had already been activated by a steam account.My friend's steam sign in name is johnnygat94. I'll have to message them then but this sucks...
  8. I already have a key, I gave this one to my friend and he copy/pasted, and it says that it's beta(which it is) but that it's already with another account. I'm having him log into steam and try again..
  9. If you're still looking I have these up for trade:*Loadout Closed Beta*Dota 2*Darksiders II - Van Der Schmash Hammer*Cave Story*Forge*Shadowgrounds + Shadowgrounds Survivor *Shank 2*Demi god*Metro 2033*Red orchestra (one and two)*Company of Heros*Arma 3 alpha lite *Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 Multiplayer Character Pack *Magicka: Glüüms Temple Exclusive DLC*Anomaly 2 *Call of Duty Black ops PC dlc expansion*Victoria II*Deponia*Zombie Driver + DLC*Binding of Isaac + DLC*Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War *Galactic Arms Race *Party of Sin*Gettysburg: Armored Warfare *Cities in Motion*Vegas Make It Big*Painkiller: Black Edition*Mass Effect 2
  10. That, and the fact that Krampus has a schnazzy backpack with 10 slots, bunny genocide ftw~
  11. The Beard

    Dude, something similar to what you guys want happened. Day 17, time to cut it, and somehow when it fell in clumps my fire went haywire and ALL the hair on the ground was set afire, plus a nearby bee hive (was able to save theh oney and comb lol)
  12. I had to solve the problem myself-it's not the specs, it's just chrome. I just switched to steam and the game works fine-chrome may be unplayable but steam is. Not sure if any of you guys have a steam code or not, but it's better than playing with lag :3
  13. Perhaps I should repost my dxdiag, it's been a few days and I haven't been able to play Don't starve D; Having withdrawls, lol... [ATTACH]834[/ATTACH] I'm still patient for a fix because I know they're working on it ^^ DxDiag.txt