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  1. That's supposed to be a mouth So, uh... What's that...?
  2. Oh, I only started from a fresh world, and I've gotten distracted... I'll post more when I have results.
  3. See, that's what I thought too... This may make it even easier.
  4. Well, I was thinking, with dusk starting early, you could just curl up for an early night. Sleeping takes a % of hunger, so you could theoretically survive on a fairly empty stomach. Also; does food restore a % of health or is it set numbers?
  5. Ohyeah. And if there was a hotfix that fixed the empty biomes (as there appears to have been) then thank you very much.
  6. Has anyone thought to try to stockpile grass and sleep part/most of winter away? I'm going to try, but I'm not sure I'll be able to get enough grass...
  7. It's generally to something like a treeguard spawning in my base.
  8. What's the goal number of days before changing worlds in adventure mode? Is there such a thing, or is it best to stay in a world only long enough to gather food and supplies to start the next world?And why do I keep dying when I'm about to finish my machine!?
  9. Also; more interesting stuff at night. I feel like I just spend most nights waiting... Bedrolls cost a lot of grass...
  10. What would you like to see added to Don't Starve? Excuse me if this thread has already been made, I'm new to the community. But, in future patches I would love to see Seasons More kinds/tiers of tools More creatures (prey AND preditors) Bigger chests!!
  11. Half the fun of the game for me was learning how to play it. But if that's how you want to learn it, that's on you.