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  1. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Chrome Version Number 70528 Issue title Bee mine infinitely exploding into bees. Steps to reproduce Place several bee mines. Cause small Treeguard to spawn. Lead Treeguard into mines. Mines have a chance to detonate over and over again, each time releasing bees. Describe your issue Only have a short video of the aftermath and not the mine being triggered, unfortunately, during nightfall. Bugged mine is just to the right of the character.
  2. Huh. Krampus really does drop into a dead sleep if you spawn him at night. Best choice seems to be using chests to keep a stockpile of live captured animals, and butchering them all en masse after dark. Even if you do get multiple Krampus spawns, they'll just nod off the moment you're not stabbing bunnies, and you can just go and gut them in their sleep. Krampus is a pushover. Five stabs with a spear and he's dialing LifeCall. The real threat is him nicking everything not nailed down and on fire, which is annoying at best since he can't destroy/steal buildings bar the chest, he doesn't go after you, and if there are no chests nearby when he's spawned he won't go look for any. And after you first spawn him, it's going to take a LOT of stabbing small innocent woodland creatures to get him to spawn again in the first 30 days of survival. Hounds are a far larger threat than a Krampus or two. I was mostly complaining about the "LOL! Black chitinous tide of doom!" spider spawns you got when poking a maxed out nest, but the problem seems to have been a bug (more like two dozen stabby ones) that was hence addressed. Some kind of horrible, gigantic abomination of a bunnyman that will constantly follow you and try to steal and eat any non-meat edible you come across, perhaps?
  3. Huh. Seems the spider spawn pattern has been changed. First poke releases an 8 spider wave, second one 5-6, and the third, only one or two. This reduces the amount of work and kiting needed to clear a large nest, while still retaining a good degree of challenge with the large, 8 spider wave. I like it. Could someone confirm these changes, or is my current save simply acting oddly?
  4. Which was kinda my point. It considerably shifts the metagame and narrows it towards a unique, "optimum" style. Only T3 nests drop eggs. I think it was like this since the Thanksgiving update. Also, a T3 nest can be killed, but does, indeed, take an entire day at best because of the need to carefully kite the chitinous deathball that emerges when you poke it.
  5. Yeah... Got a try with the new build. It's novel, but I'm not entirely happy with the changes. The good: The new items are fun, and the fact that one now needs to actually kill trapped animals by one's self instead of them magically turning into morsels inside the traps adds a new level of darkness to the game, especially with the jackalopes' cowering animation. That kinda got to me, and made me hesitate in poking them with the spear when I first saw that. Krampus is a nice addition as well. His threat doesn't come from his combat strength (which with a spear and logsuit is next to non-existent), but from him nicking anything not nailed down and on fire. The meh: From what I've seen, birds can no longer be trapped in basic traps, and will just eat the seed bait and fly off. So one needs to build bird traps. With cobweb. Which brings me to... The bad: Fat chance of getting cobweb anymore, now with eight spiders spawning out of the fully-grown nest when you poke it, and six spawning out of the mid-sized ones. That size of a ball of spiders is unmanageable, and can barely be kited anymore. Instead of one spider being the "tip" of the ball and the target for the attacks, now there's 2-3, which will often enough complete their attack animation by the time you've done yours. This massively increases the difficulty of farming cobweb, and makes it take an entire day at best to empty a single large nest (due to extra volume of spiders, and far more downtime for healing between wave spawns), and with regular traps no longer working for birds, it means that if the player wants to stay with a sedentary hunter-gatherer playstyle, it's now far more difficult and more risky to do so, especially given Krampus being drawn to you by killing critters. This basically relegates play to: Awesome. Thanks for the info. I'm not sure if the larger spawns are intentional, but I have a hunch they might be, as the wave size increases in relation to the nest's size. (4-6-8). Also, can someone confirm being able to trap birds with the basic traps in the previous build?