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  1. Post-Launch Roadmap

    Same here! Wilson Weave is so sexy.
  2. Deerclops spawn rate

    Day 102, still haven't seen one yet. Currently has a way too low spawn-rate IMO.
  3. We're Live!

    So lovely seeing Don't Starve on Steam's main page. Kudos Klei!
  4. Don't Starve Roadmap

    Couldn't agree more! Much <3 Klei!
  5. Well, you're supposed to hate the world and want to escape it right? ;)I think it's kinda neat, since it creates this eerie feeling while wondering the world.Also, once again the update looks absolutely amazing.. winter, here I come!
  6. Test or Regular Generation?

    I've just started playing on a world using the test generation and holy crap is the map huge! Takes like 2 in-game day/nights to get from one end to the other, though partly due to the bridges.
  7. Naughty & Nice so far!

    I'm also quite afraid that with Krampus added, I won't enjoy the game as much. It's either constantly staying at my homebase and being bored or going out hunting, but having all my stuff be vulnerable against Krampus.
  8. Naughty & Nice so far!

    Very nice! Hats off to you good sir, that was quite insightful.
  9. Jealous! That map looks awesome. ^^