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  1. Of course i pick the gobblers. It's a messenger... you can eat. It doesn't get more simple than that.
  2. I love all of these updates, but the thing is... this is the HARDEST game i've ever played. I can't keep up with all the things... it's just too awesome! Keep up the good work, Klei!
  3. Nice job, but worse things happend to me! I kinda always camp near mosquitos (since i like fishing). I was near a spider nest too. (which im always afraid to kill since spider warriors are a pain) Good, let's get to the action, it was day 25, i was VERY low on food and armor, since it was my first winter and i was like meh, it will be easy if deerclops doesn't show up, but i was wrong, since when i ate my last piece of berry, i heard roaring, i first thought they added a new sound for massive wave of hounds! But again, i was wrong, and deerclops showed up right at dusk. Good thing i had alot of rope and grass to make hay walls. So, it was night, Deerclops already destroyed my piggy house and alchemy engine, but my fire was still up, he had nothing left to destroy but my fire, and right then a genius idea came through my mind! I made hay walls all night just to distract him not to destroy my fire. It was day, deerclops destroyed my fire and i had nothing left but a stack of hay walls, a torch and a honey ham in my inventory (besides some tools and my backpack) I ran away from deerclops since i tried to kill him only using a spear which only had 10% durabillity, how stupid i was. I realised i can stunlock him, but i had nothing to do it with, since my spear was completely and utterly destroyed by his dense hair. I was near a savannah, so i decided to go there so beefalos can protect me, i find a Igloo and i find myself chased not only by Deerclops, but 2 ice hounds, Wee Mctusk, and McTusk. That was a horrible experience, but it was not over since stupid beefalos had to mate in the middle of the frikin' winter. Okay so let's see, i was chased by Deerclops, 2 hounds and 1 beefalo (since Wee McTusk and McTusk senior fell behind). Again, a genius idea came through my mind as i ran to a swamp. I camped near a tree as i watched Deerclops 2 hounds and the 1 beefalo get slaughtered by tentacles. It was the best thing that ever happend to me in Don't Starve. Well played Klei, well played.
  4. The game is great! The Characters are very well made, and their quotes really fit them! The difficulty is kinda hard, which i like since i want a challenge, not like minecraft (where if u have 8 dirt or you dig a 3 block deep hole you survive forever) I really like that everything is hand-drawn-ish and not ULTRA SUPER MEGA GRAPHICS LIKE ALL NEW GAMES! Also, sometimes i think klei puts more effort into all those secrets instead of the game, which is really awesome, since the game experience is great, so it means everyone at KleiEnt works 24/7.
  5. Excuse me sir, there's a crow in your eye...