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  1. Title explains mu suggest. All islands are circle. Why not square islands or triangle islands or smth like that? It would be cooli think each shape can have their own feature. What do u think guys?
  2. Im watching bro Lets see
  3. Range weapons... IDEA!

    Golden Spear - Yes Slingshot - Yes(If uses stone) Throwable Spear - Yes(With right click) Pistols, guns - NO!
  4. 8 Dota invite for Dont Starve

    No one interested in 8 dota 2 keys for Dont Starve?!
  5. Yeah as u can see, i will give 8 dota keys for dont starve Steam id: Ascention # Copycat
  6. It's a surviving game u know.Not building game, so i dont want home. Maybe with game modes like Survive(Normal) Free Mode(Respawns, can build home) Build Mode(Dont need resources, Can build everything, like fences home etc.) What do u think guys?
  7. Krampus' reward

    I think they should add game modes, like Surviving(Normal),Play mode(Can respawn and krampus dont punishes you) What do you think?
  8. New Slot!

    I mean, we need more amulets, like giving %10 speed +50 hp and buffs smth like that.So, we need a slot to equip amulets.And i think golden amulet is too owerpowered.It should removed or nerfed. Thats my opinion
  9. Hey Devs, Here's my suggestion. Why not a new slot for amulet(s) ? U know u dont wear it to all your body And my another suggestion is new ores, like silver, iron or smth.For making amulets and tools. Let see if u like my suggest
  10. Hey guys! I got metro 2033 steam key and if anyone wanna trade it with dont starve key, Here i am