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  1. Just made a new game and restarted the system and I can continue, how odd... still can't find the save game files :/
  2. Hi all! Devs please add multiple game saves for different characters! My issue: I have been googling and searching the forums for answers, but none of the locations work for me :/ I want to copy my saves and start a new character just for fun without loosing my map and progress, but I can't do it I AM ALSO LOOSING MY SAVE AFTER RESTARTING THE SYSTEM I'm playing on Steam client. What have I done so far: - Steam: Steam -> Settings -> Downloads + Cloud -> unchecked enable steam cloud synchronization - restart the system - C:\Users\DoT\AppData\Local - nothing here - C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\dont_starve - nothing here - searched the entire hard drive for "Steam" and "Save" - no success What am I missing? Please help Thank you! Dom
  3. Hi! I've been looking for patch notes for about an hour and I can't find them? Sorry I'm new don't really know how and where to look for things yet :/ Thank you for help! Dom