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  1. Aye, it's not random - pigs turn into WERE-pigs for two reasons: the moon is full, or they eat (either by picking it up off the ground of you force-feeding them) at least 3 pieces of monster meat. .....of course, letting a psycho were-pig loose in certain areas can be, shall we say, useful at times, too......
  2. [Gameplay] Birds Stuck in Mid-Air

    Seymour, if you watch the teaser video for the update, you'll notice that catching live rabbits (and birds) is an intentional part of the update. What you're supposed to *do* with the rabbits aside from letting them loose or slaughtering them is entirely unclear at this point, however, lol... The birds on the other hand you can build a cage for and... look at? (along with the whole "naughty & nice" aspect of Krampus coming after you for slaughtering little animals too much, from what I hear) ---- Here's an update and subsequent question for everyone experiencing this: I was playing on a world map that had been generated by the game version prior to the 12/11 update, and tonight when I decided I was bored with that map and wanted a new one the birds seem to be behaving normally and not having any problems landing... How about everyone else? When was your world map last generated, before or after the 12/11 update? Are the birds displaying the glitch on a map from prior to 12/11 or is it still happening on a map generated post 12/11? Bah, scratch that, took a good hour of running the new map for it to start happening again, but it's still there. Still, interesting to note that it is temporarily relieved by generating a new map, then gradually increases in frequency the longer the map is left in play.
  3. Ranged Weapons

    I figured I'd add my two cents, for what it's worth, lol... Ranged weaponry: yes. Black powder weaponry: no. Slingshots and crude bows are a must; let the slingshot do, say, very low damage similar to a tool or even less (perhaps the same, but slow fire rate? or less, but fast fire rate?) but with unlimited ammunition while the bow does full weapon damage like a spear but requires crafting ammunition (and hopefully allows you to stack your current ammo onto the bow itself, ne c'est pas?). This would then open up the ability to craft special arrow heads, like flaming ones.... Fire gooooood..... ...until you accidentally shoot one into a forest and burn the whole damned thing down around you... Holy carp, aren't you sick of chasing gobblers clear across the map just to make them stop eating your berries?
  4. [Gameplay] Birds Stuck in Mid-Air

    Confirming the bird "flapping" issue - since today's "naughty & nice" update, the Red Birds and Crows will quite often but not always be slow to land and get rather stuck just before actually landing, thus they are flapping their wings about an inch (relative in-game, not realistic) off the ground and are still considered flying towards landing. If you wander around them long enough they will eventually "catch" the ground and land and return to normal, but you can otherwise get quite lucky and just walk up and smack them most of the time when this happens.'s really quite hilarious
  5. [Gameplay] Items sliding out of bounds

    Confirmed, was going to make a post about this myself. During the "birds & bees & dogs" update, the item drops from the gobblers would fall onto the ground and you could pick them up normally, but now since the "naughty & nice" update they slide off the edge of the island and into the water so to speak. Kind of annoying, since sleeping darts are really hard to come by and almost not worth using on gobblers, so chasing the bastages to the island's edge is currently the only way to kill them unless you're lucky enough to catch one at night so it falls asleep.
  6. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Steam Version Number 12/11 Issue title Crafting icons not updating when list is open Steps to reproduce 1) Open any list of crafting recipes that you have researched and are capable of making. 2) Do not have enough resources to make them so that the icon is blank for the item and the menu icon is not highlighted in green. 3) Pick up the materials required to craft any item on the list that is currently open. 4) Both the list's icon and the item's icon will not update, neither in visual nor with the sound effect, but you will still be able to craft the item by clicking on its respective icon. Also, if you close the list, it will reset the visuals appropriately. Describe your issue Been playing since last Thursday or so, love the game and love today's patch even moreso - it's running so much smoother and the map enhancements are fantastic to say the least. (everything in different colors, finally!) Anyway, this has been happening since I started playing in the "birds & bees & dogs" update and it persists in today's "naughty and nice" update and the steps to reproduce are pretty much the entire description - when you don't have the necessary components to craft something that you are capable of crafting and then pick up those components (by any means) while a crafting list is open, then that particular list will not update its visual appearance to reflect that you have gained the components and can now craft the item(s); it will remain in appearance as if you are missing the necessary components, even though if you click on the crafting icons directly during this state you can still craft normally. Closing the open list refreshes it normally. (forgot to add that it is intermittent, so there might be another factor I haven't caught yet)
  7. [Graphics] Lighting/fog bug

    I've had this same thing happen randomly as well, though it's not specifically limited to graveyards in my case. I've had them cover entire enormous sections of forests for no reason. The screenshot is pretty much perfect - sometimes the "fog" will be *just* ok to see through, and sometimes it will be completely overpowering and all you can see is yellow streaks across the screen, like you're in the Sahara and staring at the sun. They are slightly animated, too, like sun-streaks, but only when you move, making it absolutely impossible to see anything beyond what a still screenshot can show. Gonna give it a wild shot and hazard a guess it's not limited by graphics processors specifically, as I'm running a desktop with an Nvidia GeForce 9500 GT series with fully current drivers. Other system specs are far more basic, lol, as I'm running a Pentium 4 3.2GHz with 4GB of RAM on Win7 32 bit. The intensity of the "fog" (if that is what it is) varies every time you load the game with a basic 50/50 chance of being tolerable or completely blinding, but it is tied to a static location based on the random world generation, so the only way to get rid of it is to generate a new world currently.
  8. It is a glitch, because if you CLICK on the bees while using your net, you can catch them just fine. If you use the spacebar, your net instead BREAKS and catches only one if you're lucky, then you're left spamming the spacebar for the "default" action with your bare hands which is "Attack" at that point. Whether the bees are aggressive or not is irrelevant; the issue is the net itself and the usage of the spacebar vs. the click of the mouse. Unfortunately spacebar vs. mouse-click is something of an ongoing issue for many actions. On the one hand, stop using spacebar and you won't have problems..... on the other, it's still beta - keep testing the spacebar to help find what's broken, lol. ----- Wanted to add here that I just tested this on today's update, and it's still functioning the same as before - you will catch a single bee, this breaks the net in one shot and you're then unarmed if you try using spacebar with a net to catch bees. ....also, holy crap, killer bees! LoL
  9. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Crash] Platform Steam Version Number N/A - Issue title Crash / Graphics.... memory leak maybe? Steps to reproduce Not sure, reached day 36 or 37 and was just exploring and surviving as usual. Describe your issue I'll try to be as specific as possible, as each occurrence has only happened once, though I think they might be related in cause. I tend to get caught up in the game for a few hours at a time, and I'll mention here that there seems to be what I can only assume is a memory leak in the game, as the longer I play the slower it performs. I assume this only based on similar experiences with many other games and their patch processes addressing such issues and calling such slow downs from just playing the game for any length of time a "memory leak". Take one of my all time favorites, Planescape: Torment for example. Great game, but until they patched it you couldn't play it for more than an hour or two solid because it would progressively perform slower and slower until it was unplayable and/or would just outright crash in the weirdest ways. I've seen similar circumstances in many other games not only in their performance but also in how the game developers describe the issues and patch them, thus why I use the term here. Every time I play Don't Starve, the longer I play, the slower and slower it performs. If I quit the game and restart it, then all is well once more (at the beginning). This being said, here are the two things that have happened thus far: Once, after playing for several hours, I quit the game after it was running rather slow and thought it had successfully saved. I was rather proud, I had just started playing the day before and had reached a personal best of 17 days survived and managed to create quite the base camp that afternoon. Off to work IRL I went only to return home later to find absolutely no trace of any saved game, having to start up from day 1 without even getting the 17 days of experience rewarded or anything. Hell, I searched all the folders and drives I could think to try and find it, and double checked all my Steam cloud settings, but to no avail, it had gone *poof*. Now, whether this was due to something in the game or something in the Steam cloud, I cannot say, but here it is for informational purposes. Second big one, on my next biggest milestone, I had made it to day 36, a good 3-4 hours of playtime in and starting to worry about how slowly the game was performing at this point but too busy surviving to be bothered with restarting it... A little in to day 37 it suddenly did this weird zooming-out kind of effect, almost as if it were pulling up the map, only it was the actual world map, not the *map* that you get when you hit TAB.... I could no longer see my character (or the pig men that were following me, or any other actors in the world for that matter) but only the map elements from a very zoomed out perspective. I could zoom waaaaaaay out, too, similar to when I had the regular *map* open, except I was looking at the active world, but I could no longer control my character nor interact with anything. Neither could I access the game menus to quit or reload. This is when I had to ALT-F4 to kill the program, and then everything was fine after I restarted the game. This is, once again, the birds & bees & dogs update, played over the past several days. If anyone knows where to find the actual version # in the Steam client of the game, do tell...
  10. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Steam Version Number N/A - Issue title Bug Catching Net (and possilble spacebar?) glitch Steps to reproduce Had a 100% beekeeper's hat equipped and a 100% bug catcher's net set to a hotkey; with my spear in hand I took a swipe at a beehive to set them loose and swapped to my bug catching net in order to catch them and proceeded to tap my spacebar to enact the catching action. Describe your issue I caught one bee and then my net disappeared altogether and my character (Wilson) began attacking the remaining bees with his bare hands. I haven't tested using the spacebar vs. CTRL+spacebar for attack vs. non-attack actions as has been stated in a fixed issue thread, but obviously Wilson was performing the "default" action of "Attack" upon the bees when his bug catching net (that should only go down by 10% per bee caught, if I remember correctly, and it was at 100% when I started) suddenly vanished without a trace. Version # doesn't seem to display anywhere on the Steam client? It's the birds & bees & dogs update that this happened with, however, about two days back.