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  1. I want more stuff too, but not too much buildings so it doesn't turn into an RTS.
  2. I find the new trapping mechanic a bit annoying and pointless too, but maybe the game designers have an idea they'll implement later. It makes sense being able to trap live birds to put in the cage, but live rabbits are useless. Right?
  3. I've almost explored my world too. There are a few dark spots there, but nothing too surprising I imagine. I've survived for 60 days, got a meat effigy... Should I kill myself? I've just unlocked one extra character, The Firestarter. If I die I'm sure I'll get the third one at least. Not much to do anymore, not much challenge.
  4. I bought Don't Starve couple of days ago and it seems pretty nice. Except for one thing: I've died a few times (the most usual reason for death) when I either tried to run way from monsters or fighting them in a thick forest. Instead of running away or attacking the character stands still and says some lame comment about trees. Soon death ensues. I find it extremely annoying and stupid. I can understand obstacles hindering movement, but the mere act of seeing them seems to stop Wilson. So please someone fix it. One possible solution would be to put a Move action to the right mouse button. When you click the right button the character simply moves to that place instead of attacking/ examining/ picking up items. Otherwise, keep up the good work.