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  1. Unlock last character

    Aw, its caps at 5000?
  2. Early Christmas present! <3

    I went on a rabbit killing spree for the past 5 days and killed about 70 rabbits, still no Krampus.
  3. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Steam Version Number - Issue title Planted Mandrake floating in air. Steps to reproduce Use hammer on a chest containing a mandrake. Describe your issue I had a hammer equipped and had accidently clicked on one of my chests, releasing all of its contents including a mandrake I had kept in there. I believe this was at night, and when the mandrake fell out it was planted, but now floating in the air and I could not pick it up. I have a picture but for some reason it wont let me attach one...again not sure of the version number, but I believe the glitch happened before the krampus update....
  4. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Steam Version Number - Issue title Items disappearing when you pick them up Steps to reproduce Click fast on item as you're picking it up. Describe your issue So I just built this pig house outside my base and when the pig spawned I killed it and it dropped a pig skin. I double clicked it (might have tri clicked, idk) before I picked it up, and when I did it disappeared. I believe I have had this same situation happen to me before with seeds. Im not sure what my version number is, as I cant seem to find it when I start loading the game..
  5. Furthest Day

    Currently on day 133
  6. A TURKEY. ATE. MY MANDRAKE. Oh boy, I always thought those turkeys were a little annoying, but this...this crosses the line. Im going to ensure every turkey I meet encounters a gruesome demise.
  7. The night passes by and I realize one of the trees I had planted was blocking the view of my chests, so I cut it down... and then 2 tree guards simultaneously pop up right next to each other and start chasing me! and I planted both of them! Not to mention I haven't seen a tree guard in my entire 98 days of playing! Oh boy now what am I going to do
  8. Flock of doom!

    Hehehe.... I already have a chest full of eggs, better get started
  9. You should be able to drop the bees, and once you drop them just run from them until they dont aggro you anymore and then you can catch them as regular bees.
  10. Wait nevermind I think it was a mandrake.....
  11. in the night and its sound like a flippin cat meowing over and over and its getting more annoying than the buffalo snores WHAT IS THIS NOISE COMING FROM