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  1. Hmm i can't set anything in my setting except Bloom and volume. I want to go Fullscreen but i can't - its stuck on 1280x720 [in game it says 640x480 - My screen is 1440x900]. Help anyone?
  2. I've made another drawing. Hope you like it
  3. Haha, thank you very much. I don't mind, he can do whatever he wants with it.
  4. I don't own the game yet but i love watching others play it. I enjoy it very much so i (with my poor artistic skills) decided to draw something out of the game: Here it is: Edit: (Another one ) I <3 you klei entertainment - you make awesome games !
  5. I'm kinda new here - I don't post much but i read alot. I think the most awesome person on this forum is Mobius - his posts are always full of positive energy, interesting and really helpfull. I bet he already owns the game so i just wanted to give him credit for being awesome. Second man i like is called "A Bad Feeling " - From his post i can see he is a real gentelman, heh. I don't own the game but i love to see how this game develops. I love hard, survival games with this kind of "special" taste. <3 Wilsons amazing beard.
  6. Whoa, this army of bees can defeat krampus before he even spawns >.