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  1. [Crash] Game crashes shortly after starting new game

    Here's the log.txt that I got after another crash: Starting up Don't Starve: 70495 Build Date: 2012-12-11_23-09-06 THREAD - started 'GAClient' (2112) HttpClient::ClientThread::Main() cGame::InitializeOnMainThread WindowManager::Initialize WM_SIZE WindowManager::SetFullscreen(0, 1280, 720, 60) SystemEvent::Resize {1280, 720} WindowManager::Resize [0] {1280, 720} cDontStarveGame::DoGameSpecificInitialize() cGame::StartPlaying LOADING LUA DoLuaFile data/scripts/main.lua DoLuaFile loading buffer data/scripts/main.lua c:\jenkins\workspace\jobs\DontStarve_Release_Make_Steam_Package\workspace\data\scripts\main.lua(105,1) running main.lua LOADING LUA SUCCESS Reset() returning SimLuaProxy::SubmitCompletedLevel() SubmitCompletedLevel::{} COULD NOT DELETE FILE SimLuaProxy::QueryServer() /anon/new - POST/{"character":"wilson","name":"Test name","size":"small"} BLAAAAH I didn't see any files under "mdmp" so unfortunately I can't provide those at the moment. And also, I'm not sure where to find a "dxdiag" report. Hope the log file helps though.
  2. [Crash] Game crashes shortly after starting new game

    Well I hope this problem can be fixed Soon, because currently the laptop I'm on is the only PC that I own, and thus, my only way of playing Don't Starve, seeing as how it doesn't run on Macs. I'd really like to be able to play the thing that I spent my money on, because otherwise it feels like this may have been just a waste of money on my part, seeing as how I am unable to experience the product. My system runs other games like Killing Floor and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City just fine, and seeing as how this is a simple 2D game set in a 3D backdrop, the last thing on my mind was "I better check to see if my computer will be able to run it." I would really like it if my complaint didn't just disappear into the abyss of the forums' history before getting this issue solved or somehow figuring out a way to get my money back.
  3. [Crash] Game crashes shortly after starting new game

    But I'm able to play the game for a little bit before it crashes - everything loads up fine and there doesn't seem to be any issue with the visuals or the game play - if it was due to my system requirements wouldn't those things be all messed up as well? What exactly is causing it to crash?
  4. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Crash] Platform Steam Version Number ????? Issue title Game crashes shortly after starting new game Steps to reproduce - Open Steam - Push "Play" on Don't Starve - Push "New Game" or "Create New World" upon starting the game - Watch the game load up and get ready to play -Crash Describe your issue So I recently bought Don't Starve on Steam a couple of days ago after having been following the game's progress for some time now via the Don't Starve blog, and after downloading it and installing it onto Steam, I've found that every time I try to start actually playing the game, the game crashes after about 2-10 seconds of playing. The weird thing about this crash is that the game doesn't crash until I actually start PLAYING it. As in - the main menu loads up just fine, the loading screens are just fine, etc. It only crashes once I start a new game or create a new world and play it just fine for about 5 seconds before it crashes (I haven't had the benefit of being able to load a game because I haven't been able to play long enough to save it before it crashes again). I tried every single possible fix that I've come across on these forums, and still - I get the exact same result. Here's a brief summary of some of the things I have tried: - Manually installing updates for graphics card drivers, as well as all other drivers for that matter. - Going into the Don't starve folder and manually installing the DirectX executable as well as the C++ executable. - Running Steam in Administrator mode - Reinstalling Don't Starve and verifying the cache files - Running Don't Starve in compatibility mode for Windows XP I searched around the forums and it appears no one else but one other guy has the same issue as me, and his complaints haven't even been answered yet as far as I can tell. I really hope I can get this fixed Soon, because as it stands, I'm currently the only one of my friends who hasn't been able to play their copy of Let's Starve, and ironically enough, I'm the only one out of them who actually forked out the cash for the privilege. (My other two friends are playing the free Don't Starve copies that were sent to them from other Steam members) Please, please, please, let me know what I can do to fix my copy of Don't Starve, because this really sucks not being able to play it right now. Here are my system specs: OS: Microsoft Windows Vista Home Basic Edition Service Pack 1 (build 6000), 32-bit CPU : Intel® Core2 Duo CPU T5270 @ 1.40GHz CPU speed: 1.4 GHz RAM: 2.1 GB Video Card: Mobile Intel® 965 Express Chipset Family Sound Card: SigmaTel High Definition Audio CODEC Free Disk Space: 114.6 GB