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  1. Wow, how many shovels did you go through! 0.o Great job, is very interesting information and it must have been pain-stackingly tedious, so I thank you, for saving me the trouble had i ever wanted to find this out!
  2. Coupled with your name, your post title, and the actual post itself, I cannot help but picture a flamboyant man clad in rainbow-colored knights' armor, bent over, paddle in handy, with thought-bubble reading, "I know I've been naughty"! And too that i say, "NOBODY WANTS TO HEAR THAT," Nothing wrong about it but... on a second thought actually, i think i should stop talking now.
  3. With the release of this new update, I have found that my experience points have reset! Meaning that i can no longer utilize the tent to switch between characters, although i only had willow unlocked anyways. Please add an in-game experience function Soon! xD
  4. LadyD is the Don't Starve equivalent of Professor Ponoma Sprout in Harry Potter :3
  5. What would Willow be if she could light stuff on fire. Or better yet, what would all us of be if we couldn't light stuff on fire? 0.o Deep shiit right here! Could it be said that Willow is the symbolic embodiment of our neanderthal ancestors who "ignited" the technological fuse that has led us to this pyroclastic combustion that we call the modern age? And is this not the reason why Willow cannot die to the Darkness? Is this possibly a hidden statement, a metaphorical foresight on the nearing, but ever-so-longly anticipated question of Earth's empheral prophecy? I'm onto you Klei, I see what you did here!
  6. I'm running a mac, and as i said, it's extremely unimportant. Just one of those "luxury" type functions cuz i hate rebooting the program haha. I'm just weird haha.
  7. I know you can adjust the music, fx, and ambient sound in the options menu, but sometimes it can be a pain if you are not actually on Dn't Starve (i.e. taking a break, talking on facebook, youtube etc.). I would find it a lot easier, especially when you just have the menu open, to just click a mute button instead of goin through options/settings everytime and lowering all of them to zero. I know its very nit-picky, and highly unnecessary, but it's coming from a guy that has Don't Starve open in the background 95% of the time.
  8. I'm pretty sure she makes the fires even as she is moving, and the intervals between her little fires are just short enough so that the night monster will not be able to attack you, although it will get close. From my experience using Willow, I don't think she can die from the night monster. Careful though, she starts forest fire very VERY easily. So if you have a self-planted grass, twig, tree, or berry farm I suggest you clear the surrounding area of any trees or "shrubbury" to ensure a forest fire doesn't spread to your camp unintentionally. Happy trails
  9. This game will never be released, because, of course, the world is ending on the 21st! DUHHH
  10. Everyone draw abigail, she is the easiest to draw, is technically a character, and, to satisfy the mod, is related to Wendy
  11. I'm on day 204 with 6 meat effigies hehe. And i don't think i'll be ending it anytime Soon!
  12. That's what i thought. Just a derp moment haha:whistle:
  13. I took its meat, cooked it, ate it, and found another egg. I am a cold person
  14. Alright... So, I was browsing the forums, a newly forming habit, and I have seen many posts and threads about saved games not loading and what-nought. I initially didn't think much of it, because it wasn't happening for me, but then it got me thinking, "Are they talking about games not saving when they come back to play again (as in not dying, just leaving for the night for example), or are they talking about when they die, they cannot come back to continue where their last save was?" Might be kind of a derp question, but is the game supposed to allow you to start back from your last save if you died without an amulet or meat effigy? I guess that would defeat the purpose of an amulet/meat effigy, and take the difficulty out of the game.
  15. I approve of this message. When I was new to this game, that wiki site was the single most helpful site that helped me get a feel for this game (other than this forum). Improving it would only benefit this community!
  16. Easiest way to kill a treeguard (even the largest ones) is to build a campfire (note a CAMPFIRE, and NOT a FIRE PIT), max it to full flame, and lead the treeguard into the campfire. Now, things to watch out for: 1. The tree guard will catch fire to anything nearby, 2. with the new update i have noticed that the game no longer shows the treeguard as "set on fire," but you can still tell its on fire because when it goes through the fire, it will still "stoke" the fire, and, finally, 3. If you use this method, it will take longer than expected to kill the treeguard, especially if it is a large treeguard, so just keep on leading it through the fire... it will die, i have tested this many time Good luck, hope this helped!
  17. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Chrome Version Number 70456 Issue title All research reset! Steps to reproduce Not sure Describe your issue It happened at around Day 108, when I logged off (save and exited) in the middle of the day, and logged back on a couple hours later, it did not place me where I was when I quit and it started off from the morning of that same day (like before the update). When I checked my tool menu it showed only the starting categories and everything was reset in terms of research, including my research points. Any ideas as to how i fix this? I already tried restarting the app.
  18. If they dn't respawn they should make some kind of notification or tutorial because, as a new player, nobody is fully aware as to how the game works, for example spawn rates. There is practically no way to know whether they respawn or not, being a new player, so to say that its realistic and to just deal with consequences is kind of unfair. I'm sure im not the only one that cannot partake in this new patch's feature due to mis-information or accidents. Only way now is to make a new world or start a new game, which is kind of a tough decision when your on day 110 P.S. Radek: I love that siggy XD so true...
  19. Man, that's harsh... Now I can't hatch any eggs for the new patch That's just so disappointing, please add respawn times xD - - - Updated - - - Man, that's harsh... Now I can't hatch any eggs for the new patch That's just so disappointing, please add respawn times xD
  20. Maybe a stupid question, but what are the respawn times for tallbirds, I "accidently" killed off the few tallbirds i have in my world and now i can't get their eggs for the new patch :'(.
  21. Very rough suggetion, but I think it would be cool if this game was somehow a online multiplayer/CO-OP, almost like a zombie resistance game! New game modes and strategies or even specialized items would make this game even better!!!
  22. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Chrome Version Number 70406 Issue title Mandrake Glitch Steps to reproduce - Have any number of mandrakes in your inventory or backpack - Die - Mandrake stuck in mid air and un-recoverable Describe your issue Has happened 3 times now. Have had mandrakes in my inventory or backpack, died, and when i came back to recover them they would be stuck in mid air and un-obtainable. Character would just spazz out under the item. Also with trees and rocks positioned near a crack/hole where the ocean is showing sometimes drop in the the crack/hole causing a similar problem of becoming un-obtainable.