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  1. The spacebar action key normally allows wilson to perform only non-hostile actions around neutral mobs even when a tool is equipped. It now causes wilson to attack beefalo in heat even when they're asleep. I can see why this would happen since these beefalo are now hostile towards wilson to a degree. It just doesn't seem fitting around sleeping mobs. I guess it's sort of obvious that I'm making this suggestion from personal experience. Was sort of trying to pick up leftovers that a herd of beefalo left after destroying a spider nest. I was holding a torch and was standing on creep when I hit the beefalo by pressing space. It was over in seconds.Regardless, I think it would be awesome to have the action button recognize sleeping mobs differently.
  2. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Steam Version Number ----- Issue title Burned Red Birds come back to life Steps to reproduce Cause a forest fire around a Red Bird. Describe your issue After starting a forest fire to test whether or not a spiky bush would burn (It did but left no trace) I noticed a couple of Red Birds had died in the fire. They were already starting to fade out of existence as I walked to them to pick up the morsels. The first one I walked to flew away and the dead body disappeared. I was able to do the same with the second corpse. This issue may be present with Crows as well.