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  1. I actually kind of enjoy the long wait at night time. In my mind, it's closer to a real survival situation- at night time you just wait around and nothing much happens, except occasionally when **** goes really wrong (often because you made some dumb error). And there's always the straw roll, I suppose.
  2. Give us a reason to explore

    Any movement towards a more emergent and dynamic world would be amazing!
  3. I haven't played nearly as much as you, Kalishikov, but I like your ideas- a game called 'Don't Starve', and I've yet to die from starvation? But I'd assume the devs worry about accessibility and 'fun-ness'; while it would be cool to make everything more desperate, spending all your time running around just barely living might not be the best time. Still, having a more dynamic world that interacted with itself would be incredible, though that'd also be a huge amount of work. But it does seem like 'turtling' is currently too effective, and your ideas do seem to engage with that pretty effectively. Your ideas about beefalo migration got me thinking about a biannual beefalo stampede! The beefalo rampage across the landscape, crushing everything in their path. You hear a distant rumbling for a few hours, then dust appears on one side of the screen. Suddenly there are beefalo everywhere, crushing your dear, hard earned berry farm and ripping your grass and saplings apart as they crash through. Before long they are gone, leaving a devastated camp in their wake, and you find yourself forced to move onwards, ever onwards, hoping you can find shelter before night-fall. How cool would that be? Beefalo move from one biome to another, and sometimes you just happen to get caught in the middle, forcing a relocation? Though I feel sorry for the devs because I'm sure what I'm suggesting is a hell of a lot of work.
  4. Suggestions to ease gameplay

    There's also view -> presentation mode, which will remove all elements from the screen (like tabs, file menu etc). I'm on a mac, not sure if it's the same on windows
  5. Ranged Weapons

    First post here, digging the game How about this- Flintlock Pistol- Gunpowder x3 (rare drop from mining), Flint x5, Boards x2 Shot (ammo)- Gunpowder x1, Squared rock x1, Flint x1 Shot stacks up to 10, but must be loaded into the pistol by clicking first on the shot then on the pistol. Reload animation is a few seconds. When firing, character stands still and two converging lines appear (think Assassin's Creed pistol), and shot is fired when character moves/changes weapon/does anything. The closer the two lines are to converging, the more likely that the shot will hit. Damage is reasonable, but not incredible. This might be asking quite a bit of the devs, but it'd be a cool thing to have, and the fact that ammo+gun is two inventory slots, combined with a high cost, slow reload and inaccuracy, might make it balance-able.