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  1. Wilson Tell

    Flint would be the arrow tip. Arrow - 1 stick 1 flint/rock Bow - 2-3 sticks 1 or 2 silk You wouldn't need any knew materials.
  2. Furthest Day

    ta ta ta ta ta tata tooo too to wo to two huundrrreeeeddddd?!?!?
  3. Youtube Question

    Someone commented on my video, and it says I need to approve the comment. How do I disable approval?
  4. Furthest Day

    Omg PikaRock, you are a god!
  5. I have never done art, however, I have been working on some things, and would love to do it. PS I also have a gaming account with dont starve, so I would post some of the art on my channel too.
  6. Furthest Day

    You people are amazing at this game, seeing as everyday is about 8 minutes, Holy Crap! That is a lot of playing time.. Thanks Little Teemo btw.
  7. Furthest Day

    Oh, is that the thing you get with the red gem and 10 gold?
  8. If you would like to play full screen then you have to go to options and set it, otherwise you have to play on a somewhat awkward, smaller window.
  9. Furthest Day

    What is a Meat Effigy? As I said I got the game 3 days ago...
  10. Furthest Day

    Same with me. I always want to try new stuff that ends up getting me killed, but I also like to challenge myself and kill everything I see... Stupid Bob!
  11. Furthest Day

    *Jaw Drop*
  12. At least make him kill things slower and walk a little slower...
  13. Hey what's up? It's BobSajetGaming here with a new youtube starting with a Don't Starve let's play with Wilson. The first 3 episodes, the game sound is a bit stronger than my voice, but the fourth one, which I am making, will definately be better. Tell me what you think of the channel. Also, I take suggestions, and do any challenges you might want me to do. I also take suggestions on what games to play, but mainly, Don't Starve is what I will be playing. Here is the link to the channel Check it out and tell me what you think of the intro and the videos. The editing will get better, btw. I just got a new editing program so I am getting used to it. The third episode is uploading now...
  14. Good Idea, but it would be better if we could just go into the settings and change it, because I have accidentally hit beefalos so many times, and pigmen people things.
  15. Challenges anyone?

    Anorexia - You cannot eat anything, besides carrots and make it to day 10 NO COOKING! I'm Not a Miner - Survive as long as possible without using a pickaxe or shovel. Diet - You can only eat one item a day and survive as long as possible. FireFriends - Survive 3 Days without making any fires, torches, or lanterns. All you can use is the light of Fireflies to survive night.
  16. Doodles + Suggestions

    Sorry, I got the game after the naughty and nice update, I got it like 4 days ago. But if there already is a Krampus, why did he make a thread with drawings? Is it just art? Because he said it was a suggestion... Waait, it is a Stealthy Fox, but I don't want another thing that steals stuff from chest.
  17. Or just every few rounds send it several hounds, more and more, or send in different mobs that come directly for you. No running away, you have to kill them or they don't stop following you.
  18. Doodles + Suggestions

    there is!?!?
  19. Co-op?

    Okay. I tried to add a poll but I guess it didn't work, thanks though!
  20. Smoke the bee out!

    That could work!
  21. Smoke the bee out!

    What do you mean? You mean like a smoke machine that kills them?
  22. Is this song about Christmas? I like it.
  23. Doodles + Suggestions

    I would hate it if something could take stuff from my chest!
  24. Great idea, but it is a single-player based game, not for playing with others. Perhaps in the future the game may have it but they're focused on single-player right now. I just want to take a poll. This will not affect any admins choices however.
  25. OH MY GOSH I hate that so much!