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  1. unknown update?

    This happened because the debs live in a different time place thing than you. Same thing is happening with me
  2. Food Guide?

    Nice guide! Thanks!
  3. Hunger guide :DD Don't starve :P

    Thanks bro! This will definitely come in handy!
  4. Does anyone know if there is a guide on what foods heal and feed however much. Sorta like how much does one food heal and feed your hunger? I want a table displaying it and that would be great
  5. Furthest Day

    Thanks! He is doing awesome!
  6. People have been suggesting teleporters a whole lot. But since that would ruin the fun of the game and not fit in, why not add waypoints? I would be nice if you could just go look at your map and set a waypoint. This would then show an arrow as you walk around pointing towards it. If you have to make something to enable this feature it's cool with me. But it would be great to have this, rather than look at your map every 5 seconds.
  7. A sword

    I would like sword. Or just more weapons that don't involve killing a bunch of things to make.
  8. Furthest Day

    Can I have link?
  9. Furthest Day

    Everything is 3 days in this game these days! Thanks!
  10. Furthest Day

    52 and still going strong! Just built pig house! Pig died... How long does it take for him to respawn?
  11. Furthest Day

    Whose livestream? I want to watch.
  12. Furthest Day

    When and how do you get to fight the ENT tree thing?
  13. Furthest Day

    Day 42 and counting!!
  14. No, I am saying they will add it when they are ready and think singleplayer is good.
  15. next update?

    What about shadow wilson?
  16. Furthest Day

    I got one don't worry. But a spider killed it... I'm on Day 30. For some reason, when my guy built a second meat effigy, my thing glitched because I hit my map right when it was built and it let me place more. Please fix this glitch. It is rare to happen but I still don't like it. I have like 10 meat effigies now. I don't know what to do with them!?!?! I even tried burning the extras but it didn't work!
  17. If you could at a hoe, it would be cool. It could be used on tall grass and double the amount of grass you get and give you a grass seed that you cannot eat, but replant. This would help get more material, and seeing as the shovel doesn't make any sense to dig a plant up without its roots and replant it, this would make sense. What do you think?
  18. Furthest Day

    I'm doing good! Day 22. 1 Meat Effigy. a grass farm, a sapling farm, a berry farm, and a tree farm. And I still am having trouble with hatching my smallbirds!!!!!!
  19. I would love it if you could have more than one games saved at once. I mean, especially if you do youtube let's plays and you can't record at that time, but want to play, it would be great if you could just play one of your other save files. Also comes in handy if you are really far in the game, but just want a break from such a high round. Tell me what you think, it would be great.
  20. I had this idea earlier, and there is already several topics on it. I am right there with you bro. If it was coop 2 to 4 players, this game would be a HIT! But they're focusing on single player sadly. They're dedicated to single-player. They won't add co-op for a while!
  21. New Video up for those of you who are interested in art. I will be doing a drawing after I die in every let's play of how I died. I died in this one early, at Day 4 seeing as I currently suck. So, I then go on to artwork. Check it out.
  22. Furthest Day

    Nice job guys! So far I am the worst! But I will change that Soon.
  23. Furthest Day

    Some strange, but scary endings!
  24. Furthest Day

    I was just making another let's play of a challenge and I died from nothing, full hunger, health, night, full fire. Nothing was around me and I just died. I wasn't even close enough to the fire for it to kill me! WTF?!?
  25. Wilson Tell

    Oh, sorry. But you should be able to have different strength arrows. Weakest to Strongest tips: Flower - Can't kill anything 10 uses Pinecone - takes the most shots 9 Uses Log - takes a lot of shots 8 Uses Rock - takes the a few shots 7 Uses Flint - takes a couple shots 6 Uses Bee Stinger - kills some nonharmful in one hit 5 Uses Hornet Stinger - kills only nonharmful animals in one hit 4 Uses Gold - kills some mobs in one hit. Three Uses Hounds Tooth - Kills Most mobs in one hit. Two Uses Red Gem - Kills all mobs in one kill causing them to burst in red and double loot. One use They have a certain amount of uses. If you shoot a hounds tooth one, you can pick it up if you kill the mob, but you lose 50% of its use. After two shots it is broken. It all depends on how many times you can use it.