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  1. A mobile vacuum cleaner with the morals of a theif and the strength of cracked glass with the form of a human and the legs of a jackrabbit. This summarizes him up nicely Maybe make his bag a possible melee weapon with damage scaling on how much and how heavy the stuff in your bag is? (Quite a bit of coding would be on that though...) Also to pair with the ability to sneak up on small animals, maybe he could sneak up and literally pop them into his bag? (And I do mean pop them in live not dead)
  2. We could always shroud his insane side with mystery and only mention what benefits wayland has It would allow for the Devs to think of their own perks for Watende and make it an experimental character for people who start playing as him. This would add mystery and necessary experimentation to figure out what actually is buffed and debuffed as Watende I wish I could contribute to possible looks but my drawing is subpar and it would be a bit difficult for me to represent it right Although I'll start working on the artstyle of this game to see if I can figure it out. (hands and feet are the hardest part for me)
  3. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Steam Version Number Recent Update Issue title Water Walking Pig Steps to reproduce 1. Get mats for a pig house 2. Place house on one of the ridges directly next to ocean 3. You now have a water pig Describe your issue I find it a bit funny actually having my own jesus pig but it is a bit annoying. i placed his house right next to the ocean on the north part of the island on one of the crooked ridges and he just sorta spawned in the water and is unable to get up. I don't know how to screen cap it but I feel it will be there awhile so if anyone needs one just tell me how and I'll try it
  4. From what I gathered I would definitely like this character in this game although I shall suggest possible stats. (Most from constructions of other suggestions tied together) It would be better for the surfacing of Watende to surface randomly rather than systematically every whatever moon phase (By randomly I mean like literally random as hell) But still immune to insanity (Its harmful effects that is) As an extension of this to make it both good and bad to be in this state you will have your knife but will be unable to hold anything else at all until the shift is over. Random chances should increase with the more civilization around you as in if your around 1 pig it increases but when around multiple the chance every tick gets higher. This would mean that if you had a pig posse you would have a much higher chance of becoming Watende. When in the Watende state you can not go back until you have killed whatever gave the highest chance of triggering his change I.E. with multiple pigmen around you would need to kill an amount proportional to the amount around I.E. if 10 are around you need to kill 3-5. This also works with other things as well. A downside would be your hunger meter would go down faster and you would have the full effects of insanity upon you during it but, will gain a speed boost and damage boost while this is going on. However you will take double damage and armor will not block nearly as much either. When as Wayland you will always suffer the effects of moderate insanity but once again is completely immune to any harmful effects. He will walk slower due to the weight of his straight jacket and will be unable to equip a logsuit (although will be aloud to equip a backpack). The knife will always take a spot in his inventory but he will be unable to use it unless changed. (possibly make it so that equipping it changes you perhaps?) Its a bit complex but how this character seems to be in would be more fitting for a complex buff debuff ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Possible Dialogue I only have one suggestion for this but when he is caught in the dark instead of saying "What was that?" Maybe he could say "Is that you, Watende?" ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Also an unexplained loop hole is that you never mentioned how he can use his arms in a straight jacket. Sorry for the long suggestion.