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  1. Having this same issue and tried all the suggestions in two threads, save game is working only on one computer.I play this on home computer and occasionally work, play in steam, had the Cloud enabled. Home computer is having no troubles at all with the continue, but work computer has lost all games. Basically, if I do not exit from steam, my games are intact. The moment I exit from steam, they are completely gone. I launch my game via steam at work computer in offline mode. I have a truly saved game at home and one I have to restart every time I come on at work.Run down of what I tried: 1. Tried verification and reinstall.2. Someone said finding C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\dont_starve\save and then unchecking read-only helped, I do not even have that folder anywhere. If I uncheck read-only from the entire Don't Starve folder, it rechecks itself (I am admin of my computer).3. Cloud Sync on AND off, both in steam and the game individually, multiple times with the combinations. When I turned on Cloud for both Steam and game, I was given a notification about files not synching (did not happen before), I clicked to download, and found I had a continue game. This game ended up being the save game at my home computer, and not the save game I had at work. However, this only happened once, and messing with the settings again after trying to keep another saved game did not result in the prompt again.4. DID try multiple times the 'follow steps to resolve', it worked sometimes for a few days and then my continue was gone, yet again.Basically, what I gather from my constant fiddling, opening the game in offline mode breaks the continued, even if it was working fine a few days before. I can't tell why it won't retain the saved game and why it does sometimes, all I know is that I've restarted the work computer game about ten times now and that's the problem I see everyone has but isn't fixed still. I haven't played it at home for a while, most of my downtime where I actually want to play is at work.