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  1. I actually don't get a crash though.
  2. [Gameplay] world generation

    This isn't a bug.
  3. [Gameplay] Can't die from monster meat

    It's possible that the game only kills you if you hit -1 health or lower, which is a common glitch among games.
  4. [Gameplay] Can't die from monster meat

    Cook it. It damages for 33 health.
  5. [Gameplay] Hatching a Tallbird

    I think you need the campfire permanent version (the one with rocks) as it appears on the map unlike the normal variant (and stays there forever until you hammer it.)
  6. It works fine if fraps can hook into the game like it should be able to. But it can't. Skyrim works fine with fraps on Windows 8, Minecraft works fine on Windows 8, heck, even latale works fine on Windows 8 (fullscreen only. XTrap causes latale to close if I use windowed mode and fraps.) Remember, fraps never used to be able to monitor DWM, as XP and prior never had it DirectX / OpenGL compatible.
  7. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Graphics] Platform Steam Version Number - Issue title Refresh rate is forced changed upon F/W Toggle Steps to reproduce 0. Make sure refresh rate in settings.ini (or .txt I guess?) is set to 60 or above. 1. Open Don't Starve on Full Screen (max Resolution.) 2. disable full screen while still in-game. (notice that when you exit settings from here, the resolution switches to 640x480 when you return to settings.) 3. Re-enable full-screen on max resolution. 4. Alt+Tab out to experience flickering issues. Game will show refresh rate at 50 again. Describe your issue See steps to reproduce.
  8. How am I supposed to record 1080p then? I can't do windowed mode at 1080p since that's my max resolution. I switched to windowed mode, and it still wouldn't let me capture it sadly. I switched back to full screen, and now my refresh rate was forced back to 50 from 60 for some reason (another bug to report.) So I guess I can't simply use fraps to record Don't Starve I can get camstudio to record it (without any sound), but the framerate is awful (because camstudio doesn't hook, it records anything and everything on-screen), and file size can't go over 2 GB, or else camstudio will crash.
  9. I use 3.5.9 fraps, so yeah. As a note, since I'm using Windows 8, I can't use the DWM option in fraps, maybe you're using that?
  10. Here's a thread from the fraps forum about it, though they can't do anything either it seems:
  11. The newest version (released today) resolves a ton of framerate and refresh rate issues. As a note, the game doesn't accept vsync, since the game technically isn't a full-screen application. (instead, you have to force it on globally.) Edit: Sorry for a double post. the klei forums are REALLY slow loading since the new build came out, so vBull sends the post twice. Another note, your GTX 260M is more like a previous gen desktop version, so make sure you have that in mind. (All nvidia mobile GPUs are pretty much the same, they're a generation behind in comparison to desktop.)
  12. Still doesn't work in newest build released today.
  13. It'd be nice if we had a manual save button too I don't enable cloud because skyrim saves get messed up with it.
  14. The Nvidia GTX 400 series is generally a bad series, prone to over-heating issues, among other things. See this thread for more info as to why you're getting red:
  15. I use CTRL+F9, no other program on my computer uses that key-binding. No, using just F9 doesn't work. No, starting fraps first then don't starve doesn't work. See this page as to why I can't use DWM Recording on Windows 8: Recording works fine in other programs like Minecraft.