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  1. Please first read the forum rules or use the Search function
  2. the problem is from steam. even with steam cloud off, steam create a cloud profile and everytime you restart steam your save and config files get reset. i have this problem not only by don't starve ... steam cloud is off by me but some games show that steam have create a cloud profile. here you see some examples. this are just some examples but don't Starve is the only game i have problems with. it loads the cloud profile even it is off and this is why we can't save on steam with steam cloud off. so enable your cloud and you can save again. i personaly don't like steam cloud because you can upload all your save and config files but you don't have access to it so you can't delete it if you want -.- i hope the dev team will create a option so we can chose if we want the cloud profile or only local files.
  3. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Steam Version Number 70535 Issue title Pigman respawn by deconstruct a Pig House Steps to reproduce 1. Find a Pigman Village 2. Kill all Pigman 3. build a hammer 4. deconstruct a house with the hammer Describe your issue I try to deconstruct a Pigman Village to get some material, but after deconstruct a pigman house with the hammer a pigman respawn and immediately eat the pig skin i need. i first killed all pigman so this can't happend but they respawn immediately after i deconstruct a house.
  4. i can confirm this bug too. I only encounter the bug after the patch from today but this isn't only by the Gobbler. i found this bug too by the spiders and this frog monsters. i kill the frog at the small lake but the item ... you see it at the screenshot in the spoiler below.