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  1. I think the overall update is quite OK, even though there seem to be a couple of bugs. Now the thing is : what the heck are those huge black roads that show on the map as well as in the world ? I thought they were linked to sanity at first, but it would seem like not... Does anyone know ?
  2. Okay, thanks a lot guys. Another question though : can one have 2 simultaneous games (for instance, my current game PLUS another game to try out the new stuff) ?
  3. Hello everyone, First allow me to tell you how well-thought and addictive Don't Starve is. I have already spent countless hours on it trying to achieve the weirdest/coolest stuff (farms surrounded by flowers, berry fields, you name it). So gratz Klei Like many people here, I can't wait for the newest update to be released. But still I have a question : what happens to my current game save once I download the update ? Is it erased ? Can I save the "latest" file - the one in the "remote" folder - in order to be able to play it again, or is there any other way ? Thanks in advance, and sorry if the question has already been asked before