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  1. Hey guyz when i was playing Dont Starve i died cause i grew a tree and and it started atacking me so i thought why not have a funny deaths topic on the forums so here it is post your funny deaths here. from skullman
  2. I think rocks are not spawned enough through out the game so please could you make rocks spawn more from skullman
  3. Well Who is maxwell? why is he there at the start of the game?
  4. So guys I've seen that you can get pig men to help you where can I find them? From skullman
  5. I mean like the meat effigy another item like that to send you to hell or heaven? But your right aswell.
  6. I have another idea when you die you will go to heaven or hell maybe you could make a device to send you to hell/heaven From skullman
  7. Thanks for hood reply and also thanks for the info I hope the will as a save and quit button Soon.
  8. I have another brilliant idea when you die you go to heaven or hell depending on what you have killed Please reply From skullman
  9. Also if they want to abuse this it doesn't matter cause they are cheating there selves and it's no fun to cheat! (Well that's my opinion.)
  10. Hey it's quite annoying when you need to leave in a rush but can't save your game until night/day so please add a manual save button in options From skullman