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  1. Done! thanks for the quick and fair trade.
  2. Of course, otherwise I wouldn't make the offer! I'm playing on a mac so it's the only option for me
  3. I can get you a Steam key, check my thread: or add me on Steam: JoaJC
  4. Willing to offer ANY game on Steam within the price range of Don't Starve, just take a pick. Reason being is that I don't have Paypal or a credit card or anything like it to buy the chrome key myself, but on steam I can get something by paying with iDeal. Interested? Check my thread or add me on steam: JoaJC
  5. Title says it all basically. I want 1 Don't Starve key for Chrome and I'm willing to offer any Steam game within that price range. Why not buying the key myself then? The reason for that is that I don't have access to a credit card or paypal AND I play on mac, which makes it impossible to purchase a key for chrome. However, Steam supports iDeal, which is my normal payment method for online purchases and can be done in a few minutes' worth time. So take a pick ranging between 1 - 20 euro for a Steam game. Interested? Leave a post here or add me on Steam: JoaJC